Forever and always |N.G & C.D|

Ocean just moved to L.A. California.
She's a rich poplar girl but you would have never known by her personality.

She begins to go to a new school.
That's where she meets to boys that never seem to take there eyes off of her.

(Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas fanfic)


4. ||Chapter 3||

Everyone stayed calm as we hit the ground on the runway.

The plane finally came to an immediate stop and the loud speaker came on.

"Attention all passengers you may now exit the plane with your assigned flight attendants permission." It said.

The lady next to me started talking again but I was extremely fed up with her so I just completely ignored her sound.

"Alright you to ladies may exit." Our assigned attendee says with a bright smile.

"Thank you." I say motioning to the old lady at what I meant.

She laughed.

I grabbed my travel bag and when I got up I was so stiff.

I hadn't been up in a few hours to just go to the bathroom.

I got off the plane and a few boys were over in the pick up station waving at me.

Do I know them?

They don't look familiar.

I just give them a quick smile then go to where they are because I have to get my luggage too.

"Hey." A boy who had Blonde hair says.

I look over at him.

"Hi." I say back.

"Your really pretty not wait hot not hot hotter than hot like-" he says.

"I get it. And thanks that's sweet." I say to him.

"Your welcome. I bet you get that a lot." He blushes.

"Yeah I usually blow it off." I say.

I see one of my luggage bags come so I grab it.

Then the next.

Then my last one.

I turn to the huddle of boys.

"It was nice meeting you." I say and I turn to walk off with my luggage.

I walk to where the seats are hoping that my parents are there and they are waiting for me.

"Hey how was the flight?" My mum asks me.

"It was sucky. I had to sit next to an icky old lady that would criticize me then compliment me and I got pissed." I say.

My mum and dad both laugh.

"Ok well uncle Jake shipped the car with us on another plane and he says it already here at the loading area so Let's go." My mum says.

We have a red Kia Sorento.

"I see it!" I say looking over a few cars.

We get to it and my mum grabs the keys out of her pocket she gave my uncle the spare key.

We put all of our stuff in the trunk and then we drove to our new house.

"Me and your father spent over $500,000 dollars on this home design makeover for the house." My mum says.

"How do they know what I like?" I ask.

I don't want no yellow room.

"We right down a few descriptions and ocean don't worry they are masters." My dad says.

I nod and let out a heavy loud sigh.

"What's the problem?" My mum asks.

"Nothing I just- I have to start over all completely over making friends and-" I say.

"Woah woah. You were the popular girl at school you will not have trouble making friends." My mum laughs and so does my dad.

"It's not that easy guys." I say rolling my eyes.

We pull up to a-holy shit! It's three stories high?!

I jump out and so does my mum and dad.

"It's beautiful!" I say.

I notice that the rest of the houses around are two stories except the two on each side of mine.

"Wait until we see inside." My dad says unlocking the front door.

I scream with beauty in my eyes at the sight of the house.

It looks like a fucking mansion inside.

I run upstairs and look in every room and I come to mine.

It has hot pink walls.

It has purple fluffy adorably soft carpet.

It has a dresser against the wall in front of my bed and the 36' inch flat screen tv mounted on the wall above it.

My bed consists of a sky blue comforter with sheets matching it.

It also has lime green pillows.

Some are fluffy.

I have a white desk with a light and a two plugs above it so that I can charge my computer.

Beside my bed is a night stand it's white as well and it has a lamp that is purple and pink striped on it.

It has a plug there as well for my phone charger and I have a 5sos alarm clock that sings different songs of there's when it goes off.

I have 8 5sos posters all around my room.

And then I have 5 one direction posters all around my room.

Man these people do have my taste.

I then look over and see a card board Michael Clifford in my corner.

"OH MY GODD!!!!!!" I scream hugging it.

Michael is my favorite person in this whole world i have met him three times and I cried every time.

How embarrassing.

I finally went to the bathroom and it had sky blue walls.

I had a white granite sink and counter top.

And of course a toilet.

I had a shower like normal.

At least they still treated me normally.

"So how do you like it?" My mum asks causing me to jump and hit my back against the sink.

"Ow." I say getting up.

"Sorry sweetie. So how do you like it?" She asks.

My eyes light up.

"This is my favorite part." I say running out of the bathroom and her following me.

I hug Michael.

"Aww you all would be so cute together." She says.

I laugh my ass off.

"Mom he is a celebrity and my idol and he doesn't even hardly know I exist he probably forgot." I say.

She shrugs.

"But yes I love it." I say.

She nods with a smile and walks out.

When she closes the door I about faint.

She has a giant Luke hemmings poster the whole length of my door on the back.

It's so beautiful my heart is racing right now.


After 2 hours of admiring my room and facetiming my friends showing them and greeting them I begin to smell food.

I run downstairs almost falling in my heels.

"It's pizza." My mom says lying the box on the table.


I finish off three pieces.

I say goodnight to everyone and I tiredly walk up the stairs.

I explored the third floor earlier it was just one big room that my mom and dad are using as an excersize room for me too though.

I walk into my room and begin to unpack my things that I still haven't done.

It's 7:30pm and I'm tired as fuck.

And it's a Thursday which gets closer to a school day.

I unpack all of my clothes hanging them up in the closet.

I put my socks and underwear and bras in my dresser.

I set up the bathroom with all my things.

I plug up my apple laptop charger to the wall and lay out my laptop.

I then put my phone on my night stand while plugging it up.

It's now 8:30pm.

I change into a PINK pink crop top and then some black booty shorts.

I climb into bed and I grab my phone.

I take pics of my room and then post them all on Instagram.

Them all saying:

@Ocean.Rivera- loving my new room. Love and miss you all. 💕

I put down my phone and then I fall asleep unexpectedly.

Well hope you all like this chapter!☺️

I know I did!!!!

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