Forever and always |N.G & C.D|

Ocean just moved to L.A. California.
She's a rich poplar girl but you would have never known by her personality.

She begins to go to a new school.
That's where she meets to boys that never seem to take there eyes off of her.

(Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas fanfic)


3. ||Chapter 2||

I wake up to the sound of things being tossed around downstairs and coming from down the hall.

I yawn and do my usual morning stretch.

I notice that I didn't even cover up not mentioning that I didn't even change.

I mentally roll my eyes.

I peek out the door and I see my dad pulling more bags down the stairs.

How many fucking bags do they have?!

What is that like 10 now?

Like for real.

I quietly shut my door and realize what time it is.


"Shit." I blurt out.

That's barely enough time to get ready for a girl especially when you have a flight at 9.

I lock myself in the bathroom getting a towel down and strip down my clothes.

I run the water and when it's ready I hop in.


I finally get out after about 10 minutes.

I wrap my towel around my body and unlock the door.

I grab my travel bag Remebering that all of my necessities are in there.

I grab out my blow drier,brush,mascara,toothpaste,toothbrush.

I brush out my bleach blonde straight hair then I blow dry it getting it as dry as possible in the shortest amount of time.

I then re-brush it then I begin to brush my teeth.

When I finish that I wash out the sink and stick all of the things that I have already used back in my bag.

I walk out of the bathroom and begin rummaging through my clothes suitcases.

I throw on my bra and panties.

I take out a floral tight crop top that cuts off right above my belly button piercing. It's a zip up in the front.

It presses tightly against my chest.

I then slip on a black skirt with lace at the bottom of it.

It's a high waisted skirt so none of my stomach is showing.

It covers my belly button.

I then put on two fake gold bracelets on my right wrist.

Then I slip on tan soft heels that buckle around my ankles.

They have a good 3 inch heel.

I apply my mascara and make sure that my hair looks good again.

I walk out putting my mascara up.

I do one last quick search in my room making sure I didn't forget anything.

I open my door wide open then I find my dad closing there bedroom door.

"I could use some help." I say standing at the door frame of mine.

He swings around and smiles at me.

"Sorry sweetie. Here let me take your stuff down to the car." He says taking a deep breathe Knowing that my bags were going to be just as heavy as my mums.

I mean what do you expect we're girls.

I grab my phone off of my bare mattress and slid it in my waist band of my skirt.

I go downstairs and my mum is checking off a list.

"Mum what are you doing?" I chuckle at how serious she is.

She doesn't answer me.

"Hello??" I say.

"Honey there is a bagel on the table go eat." She says without looking away from the paper.

I roll my eyes at her seriousness.


I finish my bagel about 5 minutes later.

I walk out into the living room.

No one is in there.

"Mum dad?" I call.

The front door wide open.

"Come on Ocean we have to go!" My mom says running in a grabbing my arm yanking me out to the car.

My dad is already in the car tapping to his old band music on the steering wheel.

I get into the car and rummage through my travel bag for my headphones.

I grab them out and put on amnesia by 5 seconds of summer and hit repeat.

I hum to the words.

I must have been humming quite loud as well because I heard my mum telling me to shut up.

I hit pause and take off my headphones.

"Thank god you about drove us nuts." My dad says.

I laugh.

"Are we almost there?" I ask.

"Five more minutes Ocean please be patient." My mom says dialing phone numbers one after another.

I sit back watching the scenery flash by as we were on the interstate.

We take a few turns and then a big runway comes into sight.

"Alright let's go let's go! We have 25 minutes to get secured and boarded." My mom shouts hoping out of the car clapping her hands together.

I groan as I get out.

I grab all of my bags because my mom and dad have there own.

My mom called up someone.

I think it was My uncle Jake since my mom put it on speaker.


"Hey jake where are you?"

"I'm sitting out front are you here?"

"Yes we are where the unloading area is you will see our red Kia."

"Alright be there in just a sec."

"K. Bye."

And with that my mom ends the call and slides it into her pocket.

"Let's go." My mom says as we all walk as fast as we can while struggling trying to get into the doors.

"Stop here ma'am." The big buff security officer says sticking his hand out with a weapon detector in his hand.

He scans me and my parents and then our luggage.

He nods and we place our luggage on the conveir belt that matches our flight.

"Let's go claim our tickets." My dad says.

We walk up to the customer service desk.

A lady looks up with no smile.

"May I help you all?" She says glancing at my dad.

"Um yes we ordered our three tickets for the nine o'clock L.A. California flight." My dad says.

She clicks the mouse a few times.

Types a few things and then harshly takes a big tap on the print button on the printer.

"Here you go sir." She says ripping off the tickets and handing them to my dad.

My dad handed us each a random ticket.

"Ok I'm seat 1 which is the window seat row 1 since we are first class." My dad says reading his ticket.

My mom looks at hers.

"I'm seat 2 row 1 as well." My mom says.

Great that means I have to fly with a stranger.

"I'm seat 2 row 2" I say glumly.

"We can switch tickets if-" my dad says.

"No no stay with mum I'll be fine." I say smiling.

He nods.

The loud speaker comes on.

"Everyone that is boarding flight 82 to L.A California please make your way to line 3." Someone says across it.

My mom and dad begin to walk to the line and me following.

"Ticket please." A brown haired young flight attendant says to me.

I show her my ticket and she scans it.

She smiles throwing it in the recycle bin next to her.

I flash her a quick smile and then board the plane.

Me and my parents got separated into the crowd so I just went ahead and found my seat.

An old woman looked about 70 or so was sitting in the first seat of my row.

Great now I have to hear old person snoring all the way there.

"Please buckle up take off in 5 minutes." The pilot announces over the loud speaker.

The old lady smiles at me as I squeeze into my seat.

I take off my travel bag and lay it on my lap as I buckle up.

"You are so pretty." She says looking at me and gasping.

"Aw thank you so much." I say grinning.

She observes me.

"You better watch out for them boys they will be looking up that skirt of yours." She says nudging and smiling at me.

Ok things just got awkward.

I laugh and shake my head.

I feel the plane begin to lift.

Building pressure in my ears as we grow higher and higher into the sky.


It's the second day on this fucking plane and this old lady is about to drive me insane with my outfit.

She keeps complaining about it then she will compliment it.

Like what the fuck?


It's now been three more hours and I keep checking the time.

My time has definitely changed time zones which means we must be in the U.S Now.

"The plane will be landing in 10 minutes please buckle up and get ready for landing." The pilot once again announces over the loud speaker.

"It's about darn time." The old lady beside me says.

I nod as she looks over at me.


The 10 minutes have finally passed and the plane is now descending.

New life here I come.

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