Until the very End


32. The Two Towers - Chapter 9


I walk down the steps to see Haldir and an army of Elves behind him, they all turn and bow their heads at me. "I ring word from Galadriel of Lothlorien. An alliance one existed between elves and men. Long ago we fought and died together. We've come to honor that allegiance" Haldir informs everyone, "Mae govannen, Haldir!" I tell him (Welcome, Haldir) as I embrace him. Haldir, a little surprised, returns the gesture "You are most welcome" Aragorn says as he also gives Haldir a hug. Legolas and I stand beside Haldir, "We are proud to fight alongside men, once more" he tells Theoden. 

Elves and men stand at Helm's Deep, we watch as Saurman's army slowly approaches, shouting and rumbling. Gimli stands in-between Legolas and I, and the dwarf has some troubles to see over the wall. "Argh. You could have picked a better spot" Gimli grumbles, Aragorn comes and stands behind me, "Well lad, the luck you live by, let's hope it lasts the night" Gimli tells him. Suddenly lighting flashes and a rumble of thunder, "Your friends are with you, Aragorn" Legolas says, "Let's hope they last the night" Gimli whispers, Aragorn kisses the side of my head before walking off. Another flash of light and a rumble of thunder and it begins to rain, we watch on as Saurman's troop walk forward, carrying torches and long spears. "A Eruchin, u-dano i faelas a hyn an uben tanatha le faelas!" Aragorn shouts out (Show them no mercy, for you shall receive none) I look down at the huge army as they stop before us. "What's happening out there?" Gimli asks as he jumps up and down, trying to see over the wall, "Shall we describe it to you? Or would you like us to find you a box?" Legolas asks him, making the dwarf laugh. I smile at the pair before looking back at the Uruk-hai, I watch as they pound their spears on the ground and roar at us. The men ready their weapons while we wait for Aragorn's command, an arrow was accidentally shot, hitting a Uruk. "Dartho!" Aragorn shouts (Hold) everything goes quiet as the Uruk falls down, dead. The Uruk-hai roars in anger at us before charging, "Tangado a chadad!" Aragorn orders us (Prepare to fire) and in sync, we Elves, load our bows and pull the string back to our jaws, ready to shoot. "Faeg i-varv dun na lanc a nu ranc" I tell the Elves around me (Their armor is weak at the neck and under the arms) "Leithio i philinn!" Aragorn shouts (Fire) and we release our arrows, killing the front line of the Uruk-hai. The men than release their arrows, "Tangado a chadad!" Aragorn tells us (Keep firing) "Come on! Send them to me!" Gimli shouts out. The Uruk start to shoot back, I duck as an arrow flies past my head and shot the archer in the head, "Pendraid!" I shout (Ladders) "Swords! Swords!" Aragorn shouts and we change to them. I duck under a blade and stab it in the stomach, I twirl around and block a blade, stabbing him in the side of the head with my other dagger. I change back to my bow and shot at the rope of the ladder, making it fall down and crush the Uruk-hai beneath it. I switch to my daggers and lean back as a blade goes over the top of me, I slice him across the belly and kick him away from me. I slide in-between the legs of a Uruk and cut both is legs off, I roll to the side and end its life with a stab to the back. I kick the Uruk off the ladder and push it away from the wall, but as I do that many more ladders take its place. I look to the right to see a group of Uruks, covered in shields, approach the main gate, "Nauthannen!" I shout (Northway) as I change to my bow and shoot at them, with some other elves helping me. I was too busy shooting them that I did not see the explosives the Uruk-hai put at the drain, which is under from where I'm standing. I see just in time as a Uruk runs in and lights the explosives, "Naevys!" I hear Aragorn call my name as I get thrown into the air from the blast. I roll onto my side to see a large gap through the wall and Saurman's army starts to come through the hole, "Naevys!" Gimli shouts my name from the top of the wall and jumps down and starts to attack the Uruks. "Gimli!" I call his name as I collect my weapons and stand up, "Hado i philinn!" I shout to the elves behind me (Hurl the arrows) and they shoot their arrows at the Uruks, "Herio!" I shout (Charge) and the elves and I run towards the Uruks. I bloke a spear and cut of the Uruks head, I twirl my daggers in my hands and stab backwards, connecting with two Uruks stomachs. The Uruk-hai keep flowing in from the hole in the wall, but they are met by men and elves.

It has been a long time since the fighting has started and it keeps raging on, unfortunately everyone has run out of arrows. "Naevys! Aragorn! Pull back to the Keep! Get your men out of there!" Theoden shouts down to us, "Am Marad!" I shout to the elves around me (To the Keep) I duck under a blade and cut its head off. "Nan barad! Haldir! Am Marad!" I shout up to him who is still on the wall (Pull back! Haldir! To the Keep) "Haldir!" I call his name as he is struck from behind, I fight my way up the stairs and towards him. I rush to Haldir's side and pull him into my chest, his head falls back against my shoulder as he lets his last breath out, I touch my heart with my hand and than places it over his. I lay Haldir down as more Uruk-hai approach me, I punch a Uruk off the ladder and push it away from the wall, me falling down with it. I fight my way up up and through the back gate of Helm's Deep just as the Uruk-hai surround the place. 






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