Until the very End


26. The Two Towers - Chapter 3


Day has turned to night and I stood watching the night sky, Aragorn and Gandalf join my side. "The veiling shadow that glowers in the East takes shape. Sauron will suffer no rival. From the summit of Barad-Dur his Eye watches ceaselessly. But he is not so mighty yet that he is above fear. Doubt ever gnaws at him. The rumor has reached him: the heir of Numenor still lives. Sauron fears you, Aragorn. He fears what you may become. And so he'll strike hard and fast at the world of men" I tell them, "He will use his puppet Saruman to destroy Rohan. War is coming. Rohan must defend itself and therein lies our first challenge, for Rohan is weak and ready to fall. The King's mind is enslaved. It's an old device of Saruman's. His hold over King Theoden is now very strong. Sauron and Saruman are tightening the noose" Gandalf informs the both of us. "But for all their cunning, we have an advantage. The Ring remains hidden, and that we should seek to destroy it has not yet entered their darkest dreams. And so the weapon of the enemy is moving towards Mordor in the hands of a hobbit. Each day brings it closer to the fires of Mount Doom. We must trust now in Frodo. Everything depends upon speed and the secrecy of his quest" Gandalf says, I look down as Gandalf speaks and Aragorn takes my hand in his. "Do not regret your decision to leave him. Frodo must finish this task alone" Gandalf tells me, I look up at my old friend "He is not alone. Sam went with him" I inform Gandalf, "Did he? Did he indeed? Good. Yes, very good" Gandalf mumbles.

Day has come and we've been riding all day until we've finally approached Edoras. "Edoras and the Golden Hall of Meduseld. There dwells Theoden, King of Rohan, whose mind is overthrown. Saruman's hold over King Theoden is now very strong" Gandalf informs us, "Be careful what you say. Do not look for welcome here" he tells us and takes off. Followed by Aragorn, me, and lastly Legolas and Gimli.

Just as I was about to enter the gates of Edoras I watch as the flag rips off the pole and and floats down near me, I watch as it rolls away in the wind. We receive sidelong looks from the villagers as we pass by, "You'll find more cheer in a graveyard" Gimli says as we get more suspicious looks as we ride up to the hall.

We get down from our horses and walk up the steps to the hall, "I cannot allow you before Theoden king so armed, Gandalf Grayhame. By order of...Grima Wormtongue" a guard tells Gandalf as he and a few others approach us. We look to Gandalf who nods his head at us, I look forward at the guard who holds his hands out for my weapons. I hand over my bow and arrows and twirl my daggers in my hand before handing them over, "Your staff" says one of the guards to Gandalf, "Eh? Oh. No, you would not part an old man from his walking stick?" Gandalf questions the guard, he thinks for a moment before nodding his head. Gandalf winks at us before taking Legolas's arm as we enter the hall, Aragorn takes my hand as we fall behind Legolas and Gandalf. I look over my shoulder as the guards close the door and follow us, "The courtesy of your hall is somewhat lessened of late, Theoden king" Gandalf says to an old man with wild grey hair coming over the top of his crown. "Why should I welcome you, Gandalf Stormcrow?" Theoden asks Gandalf in a tired and slow voice. A pale, oily black haired man stands up from the King's side. "Late is the hour in which this conjurer chooses to appear. Lathspell I name him. Ill news is in ill guest" Grima says to us, "Be silent" Keep your forked tongue behind your teeth!" I hiss at him. "I have not passed through fire and death to bandy crooked words with a withless worm!" Gandalf hisses and raises his staff, causing Grima to back off. "His staff! I told you to take the wizard's staff!" Grima shouts. Guards run at us and I punch one in the jaw before he could reach Gandalf, I block a guard's arm and twist it behind his back, kicking him in the leg and than in the back. I look around to see Aragorn and Legolas taking care of the others while Gimli holds Grima to the floor, "Theoden, son of Thengel. Too long have you sat in the shadows. Harken to me! I release you from the spell" Gandalf says as he raises a hand and closes his eye. Theoden started to laugh "You have no power here Gandalf the Grey" Theoden says, Gandalf throws aside his cloak, revealing his white robes underneath. The King was startled and leans back in his chair, "I will draw you, Saruman, as poison is drawn from a wound" Gandalf says and points his staff at a squirming Theoden. A lady runs into the room and goes to Theoden but I grab her arm, "Wait" I whisper to her and we both watch Gandalf and Theoden. "If I go-Theoden dies" Saruman voices through the King's body, Gandalf again points at Theoden with his staff and the King flies back against his throne. "You did not kill me. You will not kill him" Gandalf tells Saruman, "Rohan is mine!" Saruman tells us, "Be gone!" Gandalf shouts. Theoden jumps up at Gandalf, yelling, but flies back from Gandalf's power.
The lady and I both rush to Theoden, I catch him just before he falls out of his throne and I lightly push him backwards. I watch as his face begins to change, his hair becoming neat and golden, his eyes going a clear blue, and his skin clearing up. I bow my head to him when he looks at me and I step backwards to Gandalf's side, "I know your face. Eowyn" Theoden whispers to the lady. "Gandalf" Theoden whispers, "Breathe the free air again, my friend" Gandalf tells the King. We watch as the King slowly gets to his feet and rises at his full height, "Dark have been my dreams of late" he tells us, "Your fingers would remember their old strength better-if they grasped your sword" I say to Theoden. A guard brings the King his sword and Theoden slowly draws it, he examines his sword before turning his gaze towards a cowering Grima. 









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