Until the very End


38. The Return of the King - Chapter 5


Naevy's P.O.V

After I left my Father and Aragorn to talk, I went and saddled up Brego and Nuala for the Dimholt road. I smiled at Aragorn as he walked over to me, "Why did you not tell me you were dying?" Aragorn asks me and my smile drops from my face, "There ever was a good time to tell" I simply say. He takes Brego's reins from me, "You cannot come with me" he tells me, "I'm coming. Do you remember what Gandalf said? We both, must come a different way to Minas Tirith" I remind Aragorn. "Naevys, U-ethelithon" he tells me (Naevys, I will not be coming back) "Estelio guru lin ne dagor. Ethelithach" I say (You underestimate your skill in battle. You will come back) "U-bedin o gurth ne dagor" he says (It is not of death in battle that I speak) as he turns his back to me. I drop Nuala's reins and walking in front of him, "O man pedich?" I ask him (What do you speak of) "Edra le men, men na guil edwen, haer o auth a nir a neath" he tells me (You have a chance for another life, away from war, grief, despair) "Why are you saying this?" I question him. "I am mortal. You are elfkind. It was a dream Naevys, nothing more" Aragorn says, "I don't believe you" I tell him. "This belongs to you" he says, I look down to see him holding his hand open, revealing my Evenstar. "It was a gift" I remind him as I close his hand around the jewel, "Keep it" I tell him, before grabbing Nuala's reins and walking us away from him.

I watch from where I stand as Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli set off for the Dimholt road. "What's happening?" a solider asks as they also watch them, "Where's he going?" another questions, "I don't understand" one mumbles, "Lord Aragorn!" another shouts his name. Aragorn stops Brego, and turns to me, we gaze into one another's eyes. I could tell my face holds sorrowful as Aragorn smiles faintly at me, and nods a farewell. He nudges Bergo's sides and disappears into the darkness. I break off my gaze by looking down.

"Why does he leave on the eve of battle?" a solider questions, "He leaves because there is no hope" Gamling answers, "If there was no hope, than why did he leave me?" I ask the soldiers and they start to talk among themselves. "He leaves cause he must" I inform them, "Too few have come. We cannot defeat the armies of Mordor" Gamling says. "No, we cannot" Theoden tells them as he comes to my side, "But we will meet them in battle none the less" he says and the men nod their heads in agreement.

Dawn was just beginning to rise and some men were already up, I walked into Eowyn's tent to see her up. I bow to her and hand her a pile of armor, "What's this?" she asks, "I know what you intend to do. And I stand by it. Women should be allowed to fight for their loves ones just as men do" I tell her. "Thank you, Naevys" Eowyn says and I bow to her again before leaving her tent and getting myself ready.

Morning arrives and the Rohirrim prepare to depart, as they pack up and mount their horses. I mount Nuala and I ride along side Theoden until we come to Merry and his pony, "Little hobbits do not belong in war, Master Meriadoc" Theoden tells him as he looks down at him. "All my friends have gone to battle. I will be ashamed to be left behind!" Merry tells Theoden, "It is a three day gallop to Minas Tirith and none of my rider can bear you as a burden" Theoden says, "I want to fight!" Merry argues. "My lord, I will carry Merry" I tell Theoden but he cuts me off with a glare, "I will say no more" Theoden says and rides away. I stop Nuala from going after the King and stay with a disappointed Merry, we watch as riders stream past us. I look over my shoulder to see Eowyn riding towards us, I pick Merry up and place him in front of her as she goes by, I nudge Nuala into a gallop as I ride after them. "Ride with us" Eowyn tells Merry as I ride by her side, "My ladies" Merry whispers.
"Form up! Move out!" Eomer shouts as we ride through the lower encampment, "Ride! Ride now for Gondor!" Theoden shouts out. A column of riders flow out of the encampment, behind us. 


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