Until the very End


45. The Return of the King - Chapter 12


I was standing at the Grey Havens with my Mother, Farther and Lord Elrond as we waited for Gandalf and the hobbits to arrive. We've saved a spot for Bilbo Baggins on the last ship that will leave Middle-Earth. "Oh, there is a sight that I have never seen before" Bilbo says as he see us Elves waiting for beside a docked ship, Bilbo bows his head to us and we return the gesture. "The power of the three rings is ended. The time has come for the Dominion of Men" my Mother says, "I Aear can ven na mar" Lord Elrond tells them (The sea calls us home) I hold my arms open for Bilbo. "I think I'm quite ready for another adventure" Bilbo says and walks into my arms, I give him a hug before Lord Elrond helps him onto the ship. I stand to the side and bow my head as my Mother and Farther also board the ship. I turn and walk up to Gandalf's side as we face the four Hobbits, "Farewell...my brave hobbits. My work is now finished" Gandalf informs them and they begin to cry. "Here at last, on the shores of the sea, comes the end of our Fellowship" I say. "I will not say, do not weep, for not all tears are an evil" Gandalf tells them and turns to board the ship, but stops just before the ramp. "It is time, Frodo" I tell him as I hold out my hand, the other three hobbits all give confused looks. "What does she mean?" Sam asks Frodo, "We set out to save the Shire, Sam. And it has been saved. But not for me" Frodo tells them, "You don't mean that! You can't leave!" Sam says through tears. Frodo embraces each of the hobbit and takes my hand, I led him over to Gandalf. Just before Frodo gets on the ship he turns and looks up at me, "Thank you, Naevys" he says. I bend down and place a kiss upon his head as a tear falls from my eye, I raise back to my height and with the help of Gandalf, they both board the ship. Frodo turns around to us and gives a last smile to us, finally looking at peace. We watch as the ship sails out of the Grey Havens and into the horizon.

And thus it was, the Fourth Age of Middle-Earth began, and the Fellowship of the Ring, though eternally bound by friendship and love, was ended.





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