Until the very End


43. The Return of the King - Chapter 10


"Aragorn...Elessar.." The Eye calls out. Aragorn drops his sword and takes a few steps forward, "Aragorn" I whisper his name as he appears to be tempted by the Eye. He turns back to me and I look questionably at him, "For Frodo" he serenely says and charges towards the Orcs. Merry, Pippin and I run after him with the rest of the army soon following.

I stab and slice my way through the front line of the Orcs, making my way further through the Orc army. I duck under a blade and slice the Orcs stomach open, he falls to his knees and I finish him off with a slice to the throat. Everyone stops for a moment as we hear the screams of the Nazgul, I hit the ground as one of the beast swoop in low, I roll to the side and trip an oncoming Orc onto his back, ending him with a stab to the head. "Eagles! The Eagles are coming!" Pippin shouts as we hear bird cries, several Eagles appear and attack the Wraiths above us. I kill Orcs here and there when a roar of a Troll is heard from behind me, I turn around to see a huge Troll heading my way. I bloke his blade and twirl around the creature, I block his attack again and dive under his legs, slicing him up his back as I stand up. I start to attack the Troll but he blocks nearly all the blows that I give him. The Troll picks me up and I kick him in the face, but he tosses me across the ground. I roll a couple of times, my daggers flying out of my hands, "Naevys!" Aragorn shouts my name as he tries to fight over to me. I roll onto my back and watch as the Troll walks over to me, placing one of his feet upon my chest. Stomping that air out of me, I reach up behind me and grab a arrow, stabbing the tip of it into the Troll's leg. The Troll roars and adds more pressure onto me. "Naevys!" Aragorn shouts my name again. I watch as the Troll rises its blade, ready to end my life, but he doesn't. Sauron's army look back at Mordor, before fleeing, I roll to the side as the Troll runs off. With the help of Aragorn, we both stand and look on as screeches could be heard from the Eye. Slowly the tower of Barad-Dur falls over, the Eye of Saruon disappears and lets out a shock wave. "Frodo!" Merry shouts his name, the men of the West all start to cheer as the landscape starts to crumble. The Black Gates collapses as the ground caves in, much of Sauron's army falls as well. I leap into Aragorn's arms as everyone yells in victory. Suddenly Mount Doom erupts in a large explosion, I break away from Aragorn and watch Mount Doom explode. The eruption kills the renaming Nazgul, a tear leaks out of my eye as lava flows out and around Mount Doom.

Gandalf grabs my arm and leads me over to two Eagles, "Get on" he tells me. I swing myself up onto one and we take off, towards Mount Doom to fins the Hobbits. We break through the clouds to see lava everywhere, "There!" I point out as I could see two hobbits laying on a sinking rock. The Eagle I was on swoops in and picks up Frodo, while Gandalf's Eagle picks up Sam, we carry them all the way back to Gondor. 


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