Until the very End


8. Chapter 8


Darkness has arrived and mist was setting in through the woodland. We all hurry through the woods, dodging and hiding behind trees. "Anything?" Sam shouts out to me as I was ahead of them all "Nothing" I inform them, "What is going on?" Pippin asks as they all walk up to me. "That black rider was looking for something. Or someone. Naevys? Frodo?" Merry questions, "Get down!" Frodo shouts as they hit the deck and I hid behind the tree. I peak around to see a rider on top of a hill, it looks around for a bit before turning and riding away. "I have to leave the Shire. Naevys, Sam and I must get to Bree" Frodo informs Merry and Pippin, "Right. Bucklebury Ferry. Follow me" Merry says and takes off, followed by Pippin, Sam, Frodo and lastly me. Suddenly a rider appears in front of Frodo and I, cutting us off from the rest. "Run!" Pippin shouts, "Naevys! Frodo! This way, follow me!" Merry shouts as they take off again. Frodo goes under the horse and I dodge around it, and we both run after our friends. I glanced behind me to see the rider gaining on Frodo and I, "Naevys! Frodo!" Sam shouts our names out. In one swift motion I pick Frodo up and run with him to the Ferry, "Run Naevys!" Pippin shouts as they start to under the Ferry. "No!" Frodo says as the Ferry starts to drift away, I gain speed and take a flying leap, landing on the Ferry with Frodo on top of me. I watch as the rider skids to a stop, letting out a scream he turns the horse around and rides back up the track and regroups with the other eight riders. "Now far to the nearest crossing?" Frodo asks as he gets off me, "The Brandywine Bridge. Twenty miles" Merry informs us.

It started to rain when we got off the Ferry and walked all the way to Bree. I knock on the door as it is the entrance to Bree, it opens up with a man holding a lantern in our faces. "What do you want?" he asks us "We're heading for the Prancing Pony" Frodo informs him, the man looks closer at us "Hobbits! Four hobbits! And a She-elf. What business brings you to Bree?" he questions us. "We wish to stay at the Inn. Our business is our own" I tell him, "Alright. I meant no offence" he says and stands to the side to let us in "My job to ask questions after nightfall. There's talk of strange folk abroad. Can't be too careful" he tells us as he shuts the gate behind us. We trudge through the rain until we came to the sign of the Prancing Pony, I push open the door and let the four hobbits in before closing it. "Excuse me?" Frodo calls up to the bar "Good Evening little masters, and Naevys. If you're seeking for accommodation, we've got some nice, cosy hobbit sized rooms available, Mr err...?" Barliman trailed off, "Underhill, my name's Underhill" Frodo finished for him. "Is Gandalf the Grey here? Can you tell him we've arrived?" I ask him, "Gandalf?" he mumbles and looks quizzically, "Gandalf? Oh yes! I remember! Elderly chap! Big grey beard, pointy hat. Not seen him for six months" he says. I turn around to the hobbits, "What do we do now?" Sam questions.

The hobbits and I seat around a table, I notice that every dew seconds Sam would look to the door for Gandalf "Sam. He'll be here. He'll come" I reassure the hobbit. The customers in the Inn would look at us, especially the Hobbits in a suspiciously way. Merry rejoins us with a large mug of ale, "What's that?" Pippin asks him "This my friend, is a pint!" Merry informs him as he sips the ale. "It comes in pints?" Pippin questions and Merry nods his head "I'm getting one!" Pippin tells us as he stands up, "You've had a whole half already!" Sam shouts after him. Sam taps my elbow, "That fellow's done nothing but stared at you and Mister Frodo since we arrived" Sam informs us, I glance over to a hooded figure. His face is hidden beneath his hood and is smoking a pipe in the corner of the room. "Excuse me. That man int he corner. Who is he?" Frodo asks Barliman as he walks past, "He's one of them rangers. They're dangerous folk they are. No offence Naevys. wandering the wilds. What his right name is, I've never heard, but around here, he's known as Strider" he informs us. "Strider" I whisper his name and watch him carefully as the embers in his pipe glow, lighting his eyes briefly. I snap my attention back to Frodo as he gets up and pushes his way through the crowd, "Frodo!" I call his name out as I lose sight of him and stand on top of the table. I watch as Frodo trips over a man's foot and falls to the ground, the Ring flies into the air and slips on his finger. He immediately disappears. I turn this way and that to find him, but only caught a glimpse of him being led upstairs by Strider, "Sam, Merry, Pippin! This way!" I call out to them and run upstairs. Merry carries a candle holder, Pippin a stool, and Sam has his fist raise as they barge into the room. I drawn my bow and point it at Strider as he has his sword pointing at us, "Let him go! Or I'll have you Longshanks!" Sam shouts at the Ranger. Strider sheaths his sword "You have a stout heart little hobbit! But that will not save you" he tells Sam, I lower my bow and arrow as I see that Frodo is unharmed, "You can no longer wait for the wizard Frodo. They're coming" Strider says. 



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