Until the very End


5. Chapter 5


Gandalf and I wait for Bilbo to get in his home. I stand in the corner with my arms crossed and Gandalf leans against the fireplace. "I suppose you think that was terribly clever" I say just as Bilbo walks into his lounge room "Come on Naevys. Did you see their faces!" Bilbo says as he continues to pack, "There are many magic rings in this world Bilbo Baggins and none of them should be used lightly" I tell him. "It was just a bit of fun! Oh, you're probably right as usual! You will keep an eye on Frodo won't you?" he asks us as he fetches his pipe and points a finger at us, "Two eyes. As often as we can spare them" Gandalf reassures him. "I'm leaving everything to him" Bilbo tells us "What about this ring of yours? Is that staying too?" I ask him, "Yes, yes. Its in that envelope of there on the mantelpiece" Bilbo gestures and Gandalf goes over to collect it. "No! Wait...its...here in my pocket" he says and takes it out, caresses it "Isn't that, isn't that odd now. Yet after all why not, why shouldn't I keep it" Bilbo says. "I think you should leave the ring behind Bilbo. Is that so hard?" Gandalf asks him, Bilbo turns swiftly around to face us "Well no...and yes" he says and turns back around "Now it comes to it, I don't feel like parting with it. It's mine, I found it! It came to me!" he tells us, getting louder with each word. "There's no need to get angry" I tell him, "Well if I'm angry it's your fault! It's mine. My only....my precious" Bilbo says while stroking the ring. "Precious? It's been called that before, but not by you" Gandalf points out, Bilbo turns around to us again "Oh! What business is it of yours what I do with my own things!" Bilbo crossly says, "I think you've had that ring quite long enough" I tell him, Bilbo raises his fist "You want it for yourself!" he shouts. "Bilbo Baggins!" Gandalf shouts as he raises himself to his full height and the room darkens "Do not take us for some conjuror of cheap tricks!" Gandalf says, I look to Bilbo to see him against the wall and looking scared. I rest a hand on Gandalf's shoulder and the room lightens up "We're not trying to rob you. We're trying to help you" I tell him and Bilbo runs at me, hugging my around the waist. I bend down to his level "All your long years we've been friends. Trust us as you once did. Let it go" I whisper to him, "Your right Naevys and Gandalf. The ring must go to Frodo" Bilbo says and picks up his bag. "It's late, the road is long. Yes, it is time" Bilbo mumbles to himself as he collects his walking stick and makes for the front door and opens it, "Bilbo! The ring is still in your pocket" Gandalf points out. "Oh! Yes..." Bilbo says and slides his hand into his pocket, he pulls it out and stares at the ring. Slowly he tips his hand so it falls on the floor and swiftly walks out, Gandalf and I following after him. "I've thought of an ending for my book. And he lives happily ever after to the end of his days" Bilbo informs us "And I'm sure you will my dear friend" I tell him, he hugs me around the waist again and I kiss the top of his head "Goodbye Naevys. Goodbye Gandalf" he says and they shake warmly. "Goodbye. Dear Bilbo" Gandalf whispers as we watch him walk through his gate, "Until our next meeting" I say.

Gandalf opens the door and we see the ring lying on the floor. I watch as Gandalf bends down to pick it up and quickly pulls back "What did you see?" I ask him, but he ignores me and walks over to the fireplace. He sits in front of the fire, in the rocking chair, smoking his pipe. I sit down next to him and stare into the flames 'It's mine. My own. My precious' Bilbo's voice kept repeating in my head, "Riddles in the dark" Gandalf mumbles from beside me. "Bilbo!" I hear Frodo shout out for his uncle as he runs into the house, "He's gone hasn't he? He talked for so long about leaving. I didn't think he'd really do it. Gandalf? Naevys?" Frodo calls our names as he comes and stands next to us, I look down at the palm of Frodo's hand to see him holding the ring "Bilbo's ring" I say. "He's gone to stay with the elves. He's left you Bagend" I inform Frodo as Gandalf started to come out of his own world, "Along with all his possessions" Gandalf adds as he holds out an envelope and Frodo puts the ring inside it. "The Ring is yours now" I tell Frodo as Gandalf hands him the now sealed envelope, "Put it somewhere out of sight" Gandalf suggests to him.

"Where are you going?" Frodo asks Gandalf as he gets up and collects his things "I have some things I need to attend to. Naevys will stay with you" Gandalf tells us, "What things?" I question him "Questions. Questions that need answering" Gandalf informs us. "You've only just arrived. I don't understand" Frodo says, Gandalf pauses and looks back at us "Neither do I. Keep it secret. Keep it safe" Gandalf tells Frodo and walks out the door. I  place a hand on Frodo's shoulder as we watch our friend leave. 



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