Until the very End


22. Chapter 22


I strap on my weapons and head out into the woods to find Frodo and Boromir, Legolas and Aragorn also split up while Gimli stays back with the Hobbits. "Frodo!" I call out into the woods, I walk further and call his name again. Nothing. I was about to head back to camp when I heard struggling noises, I run towards the noise to see Boromir trying to take the Ring from Frodo. I charge at the pair and tackle Boromir away from Frodo, "Boromir! Stop! You are not yourself!" I say as I try to keep him on the ground, away from the Hobbit. "It should be mine!" he shouts and pushes me away from him, I draw out a dagger and point it at him as he gets us. "I do not want to hurt you, but I will if I must" I tell him, he glares at me before he starts to run at me. I spin the dagger in my hands so that the handle is now pointing towards Boromir, just as he was about to reach me, I club him over the head with it. He falls to the ground, and lightly shakes his head, slowly getting back to his feet. I get in a stance in case he tries to do anything, but as I look into his eyes I can tell the madness of the Ring has left him and he has came to his senses. "Frodo?" he asks, "Go back to camp, Boromir. I will look for Frodo" I tell him, he nods and stops right next to me, "Naevys. I am sorry" he says and I smile slightly.

I follow the tracks of Frodo to see him fall of a high structure on the cliff edge, surrounded by the pines. A stairway runs up through its center, to a seat dwarfed by stone eagles on top. "Frodo!" I call his name and he turns to me startled, "It has taken Boromir" he tells me to which I nod. I walk over to him and help him up, "Are you okay?" I ask him, "I'm fine Naevys. Thank you" he says. "Frodo? Where is the Ring?" I hear Aragorn's voice from behind me ask, "Stay away!" Frodo shouts as he scrambles away from me. "Frodo! We swore to protect you!" Aragorn says as we both walk after him, "Can you protect me from yourselves?" Frodo asks us as he holds the Ring out to us, "Would you destroy it?" the hobbit questions us. I kneel before the hobbit and reach out to the Ring, with both hands I close Frodo's hand over the Ring and push it towards his chest. "We would of gone with you to the end, into the very fires of Mordor" I tell him, "I know. Look after the others, especially Sam. He will not understand" Frodo tells us and we both nod. "Go, Frodo" Aragorn says as he picks me up and draws out his sword, I look down to see Frodo's sword glowing blue, I draw both my daggers out. "Run. Run!" I tell the hobbit and I watch him flee from the hilltop.

Aragorn and I walk out from beneath the ruin and find a troop of Uruk-hai advancing towards us. I duck under a blade and slice the creature across the belly, I block another blade and cut him across the neck. I get pushed away from Aragorn and up the stairs of the ruin, I kick down one who knocks into the ones behind him, I block a blade and shoulder push him off the ruin. "Find the Halflings! Yaggh! Find the Halflings!" I hear the leader of the Uruk-hai shout out. I watch from the top of the ruin to see the Uruk-hai chasing after Frodo, I leap from the ruin and land on a Uruk-hai. I fight off another two before they get arrows in their backs, I look up to see Legolas and Gimli charging in. "Naevys! Go!" Legolas shouts at me and I run after the hobbit and the Uruk-hai. I trip a Uruk-hai over and finish him with a stab to the head, I throw a dagger and it embeds its self in the stomach of a Uruk-hai. I collect my dagger and roll away from a swinging sword, I block the blade with both daggers and kick the creature away from me. I quickly get up to finish him off to see he already has a sword in its back, I look up to see that it was Aragorn, I smile at him and throw my dagger behind him, killing a Uruk-hai in the head. He nods his thanks and gives my dagger back to me, before running off. I look around me to see the Uruk-hai taking over, they were running down hills and coming from every direction. I make an 'X' with my daggers over my face as a blade was about to strike me and Gimli runs over, hitting the Uruk-hai in the legs with his axe, he drops to the ground and I slice his neck. I punch one in the face and smash another ones head into a tree, a Uruk-hai was about to land a blow to Legolas's back when I ran in-between them and grabbed at the axe the Uruk wield. I kick him back and kill him with his owe axe before throwing it at another one.

Three loud horn blasts are heard, "The Horn of the Gondor!" Legolas points out, "Boromir!" Aragorn shouts as he runs past us. I run down the slopes with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, killing as we try to reach Boromir. The horn was blown again and I fight harder to get to him, I jump over a log and pounce on the nearest Uruk-hai, ending him with a stab to the head. I switch to my bow and shoot at the Uruk that try to get away. "Run! Naevys!" I hear Aragorn shout at me as a the Uruk-hai were distracted by Legolas, Gimli and him. I place my bow on my back and took off towards Boromir, I charge into the clearing to see him battling it out with Merry and Pippin standing behind him. I load my bow and take out the ones that tried to sneak up on Boromir, I switch to my daggers and run over to him. I fight back to back with Boromir when suddenly I was tackled sideways, landing away from Boromir and a bunch of Uruk-hai in-between us. I swiftly killed them all, only to see Boromir kneeling on the ground with three arrows in him. I look over to the left to see the leader aiming another one right at him, I stood frozen at the sight and didn't see the handle of a blade that was coming for me until the last minute. It smacked against my jaw, making me fall to the ground and my daggers fly out of my hands. I watch on as Merry and Pippin are being taking away as they scream mine and Boromir's name, I roll onto my back to see a sword pointing right at me. I stare right at the Uruk as it lifts it blade only to be shot down by Legolas's arrows, I roll to the left as it falls down. I look around for Legolas but he is no where to be found. I collect my weapons and get up to see Aragorn fighting the leader of the Uruk-hai. I come up behind the leader and stab him in the back, he turns around and punches me in the jaw and throws me into tree. He pulls my dagger out and walks over to me only to get is arm cut off by Aragorn's sword, Aragorn stabs him in the stomach. The leader pulls him up the sword, closer to Aragorn, snarling. Aragorn pulls his sword out and swings, chopping his head off. He comes over and helps me up before we run over to a pale and bloodied Boromir.




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