Until the very End


14. Chapter 14


We all stand just inside of the gates of Rivendell, "The Ringbearer is setting out on a quest of Mount Doom and you who travel with him, no oath nor bond is laid to go further than you will" Lord Elrond says before us, "Farewell. Hold to your purpose and may the blessings of elves, and men, and all free folk go with you" he says and raise his hand, gesturing for us to leave. Legolas, Aragorn and I, place our right hands above our hearts and bow our heads to him. "The Fellowship awaits the Ringbearer" Gandalf says, Frodo looks nervously at all of us before walking through the gates. He leads out with Gandalf following and then, Gimli, Boromir, Pippin, Merry, Legolas, Sam and lastly Aragorn. Before I follow after him, I give a final look at Lord Elrond "When the journey is over, you must leave" he says, I bow my head and give a small smile before following the others.

We walk over, hills, mountains and past ancient ruins. "We must hold this course West of the Misty Mountains for forty days. If our luck holds the Gap of Rohan will be open to us us. From there, our road turns East to Mordor" Gandalf informs us as we set out stuff down for a break. Aragorn and I sit next to each other as we watch Boromir teach Merry and Pippin sword fighting, Legolas is keeping watch, Frodo and Sam are also watching Merry and Pippin, and Gandalf and Gimli are discussing on why we should/shouldn't go through Moria. "Move your feet" I tell Pippin who nods his head, "You look good Pippin" Merry says "Thanks" Pippin replies as Boromir switches over to practice with Merry. Boromir swords slips and he accidentally cuts Pippin's hand "Argh!" Pippin howls as he drops his sword "Sorry!" Boromir apologies as he steps forward to look at the hobbits hand but the two hobbits wrestle him to the ground. "For the Shire! Hold him, hold him down Merry!" Pippin says, "Gentleman, that's enough!" Aragorn says as he goes over to aid Boromir but end up been thrown to the ground by the hobbits. I laugh from where I sit at the two grown men being defeated by two hobbits, "What is that?" I hear Sam ask which makes me stop laughing and stand up. "Nothing, its just a wisp of cloud" Gimli answers, "Its moving fast, against the wind" Boromir adds in "Crebain! From Dudland! Legolas and I both shout at the same time. "Hide!" Aragorn shouts at everyone, he runs past and grabs my hand "Frodo! Take cover!" I shout at the hobbit. Aragorn pulls me under a bush and I hover above him as the birds fly over us, they circle around us a couple of times before flying off.  As I was leaving the cover of the bush I was pulled back in "What?" I ask Aragorn, "So beautiful" he whispers as he places his right hand upon my cheek and his left arm wraps around my waist. I lean down towards him, our lips barely apart when Frodo sticks his head in, "Alright, lovebirds. Its safe. You can come out" he says while laughing. I glare at him and look back down to Aragorn to see a slight blush on his cheeks, I peak him on the cheek before coming out of cover with him following. "Spies of Saruman. The passage South is being watched. We must take the Pass of Caradhars" Gandalf says looking up to the snowy mountains.

We walk up the snowy mountains when Frodo stumbles and rolls back down the mountain towards Aragorn and I, "Frodo!" I call his name as I catch him and help him stand. Aragorn and I help him brush of the snow as Frodo feels for the Ring around his neck, but it is not there. We look further up the mountain to see the Ring laying in the snow and been picked up by Boromir, he holds the Ring by the chain so its dangling in his face. "Boromir!" I call his name but he ignores me, "It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much and doubt over so small of a thing. Such a little thing" he says in a daze as he reaches to touch the Ring, at this moment I grip the handles of my daggers. "Boromir!" Aragorn shouts and this abruptly stops him "Give the Ring to Frodo" Aragorn tells him, Boromir walks over to Frodo and holds the Ring out, Frodo snatches it from him. "As you wish! I care not" Boromir says, he hesitates as he sees the look on mine and Aragorn's face before smiling and ruffling Frodo's hair and walks away. I stare after him and slowly release my grip on my daggers only to see Aragorn doing the same with his sword.

We struggle on through the snow, I carry Frodo, Aragorn carries Sam and Pippin, while Boromir carries Merry. Everyone walks behind Gandalf as he makes a path through the waist deep snow, except for Legolas and I as we lightly walk on top of the snow. I stop walking as I hear a voice on the wind "There is a fell voice on the air" Legolas speaks my mind, "It's Saruman!" Gandalf shouts. A mighty crack is heard overhead and we all look up to see chunks of rock falling down, I pull Frodo closer to me as the rocks barely miss us. "He's trying to bring down the mountain! Gandalf! We must turn back!" Aragorn shouts over the wind to the Wizard, "No!" Gandalf shouts and steps onto the edge of the path. "Losto Caradhras, sedho, hodo, nuitho i 'ruith!" Gandalf shouts into the air (Sleep Caradhras, be still, lie still, hold your wrath) A great streak of lighting hits the top of the mountain, avalanche of snow falls down towards us. I brace Frodo in-between the mountain and myself but unfortunately the snow covers us all, burying us underneath it. I quickly pull Frodo up and to see Legolas already emerge, I watch as everyone else slowly emerges. I bring Frodo closer to me and wrap my cloak tighter around him "We must get of the mountain! Make for the gap of Rohan and take the West road to my city!" Boromir shouts out, "The Gap of Rohan takes us too close to Isengard!" I tell him, "If we cannot pass over the mountain, let us go under it! Let us go through the Mines of Moria!" Gimli suggests. I look over to Gandalf to see him thinking, he looks into my eyes and I know he sees fear in them. The Dwarves delved too greedily and too deep, in the darkness of Khazad-dum they woke Shadow and Flame. I lightly shook my head at Gandalf but he ignored it "Let the Ringbearer decide" Gandalf says, Frodo looks around at everyone. "Frodo?" I question, hoping he won't say we go through. "We will go through the mines" Frodo declares, I close my eyes in annoyance "So be it" Gandalf says. 


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