Until the very End


11. Chapter 11


Night time has turned to day and I'm still riding, through fields and open plains. I've just entered a woodland when I see Black Riders through the trees. I ride into a small clearing and he rides along side me, before being joined by another two, screeching. Five ride closely behind me as I follow the trail through the woodland. As I dodge in and out of the trees I catch the right side of my face on a branch, leaving a small cut upon my cheek. I look over my shoulder to see that I now had eight Wraiths behind me, shaping a 'V' around me so I couldn't go anywhere. One gets closer to my side and reaches out to Frodo, "Noro lim Nuala!" I shout at her (Ride faster Nuala) she changes her speed and we get away from them, dodging in and out of trees as we go. Nuala jumps over and log and we finally reach the river, we gallop across it and the nine Wraiths stand on the opposite shore, their horses rearing in frustration and the Wraiths screeching. "Give up the halfling, She-elf" one of them tells me, "If you want him. Come and claim him" I tell them as I draw my sword out. All nine of them draw their swords and start to make their way through the river, "Nin o Chithaeglir, lasto beth daer, Rimmo nin Bruinen, dan in Ular! Nin o Chithaeglir, lasto beth daer, Rimmo nin Bruinen, dan in Ular!" I chant (Waters of the Misty Mountains, listen to the great word, flow waters of Loudwater against the Ringwairths) the water level starts to raise. Suddenly a great wave comes from upriver, white horses appear in the great wave and chase the Wraiths. The Wraiths turn to flee but the water consumes them and takes them away. Frodo lets out a gasp and comes weak as he falls forward on Nuala, "No!" I shout as I pull him back to me and his head leans on my shoulder. "Frodo! No! Frodo don't give in, not now" I say as tears spring to my eyes, I sheathe my dagger and ride all the way to Rivendell.
"What grace has given to me, let it pass to him. Let him be spared. Save him" I say as the elves come and collect him from me.

I stand beside a seated Gandalf as we watch Frodo come around, "Where am I?" Frodo asks just barely opening his eyes. "You are in the House of Elrond. And it is ten o'clock in the morning on October the 24th, if you want to know" Gandalf informs him, Frodo's eyes open wider and he turns to the side, looking at us. "Gandalf!" Frodo says, surprise written all over his face. "Yes, I am here. Naevys is here too" Gandalf points out, "You're lucky to be here" I say to Frodo. "A few more hours and you would of been beyond our aid. But you have some strength in you, my dear hobbit" Gandalf tells him. Frodo sits up and clutches his left breast "What happened Gandalf? Why didn't you meet us?" Frodo questions him, "He was delayed" I answer for him as Gandalf goes into a daze. Gandalf told me everything while we waited for Frodo to awake, he told me that Saruman has gone against us and taken Sauron as an allies. "But by the skills of Lord Elrond" Gandalf says and turns his head as Elrond entered the room, "You're beginning to mend" Gandalf tells Frodo, "Welcome to Rivendell. Frodo Baggins" Elrond greets him. Sam, Merry and Pippin all run into the room and jump on top of Frodo's bed, I smile at the merry gathering before excusing myself and leaving the room. Just as I close the door behind me, I bump onto somebody. "Oh. My apologizes" I say as I look up to the stranger to see that it was Strider, "Thank god, you're alright" Strider says as he pulls me into a hug. I slowly wrap my arms around him and he tightens his hold on me as I do so, "I was so worried" he tells me as he kisses the side of my head, "I'm fine, Strider" I inform him as he holds me at arms length. He close at my cheek to see the cut I got from the branch, Strider runs his thumb over it and I suck in a deep breath from the pain. He leans in and I slowly go on my tiptoes, only for a very loud cough to break us apart. We both look to the right to see Lord Elrond and Gandalf starring at us, "Naevys. I would like a word with you and Gandalf in my study" Elrond informs me and walks away with Gandalf following. I smile up at Strider and give him a kiss on the cheek before going after the pair. 


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