Until the very End


10. Chapter 10


We walked all day until the sun was begin to set that we arrived at the ruins of a temple, on top of a hill. "This was the great watch tower of Amon Sul" I say as I stand beside Strider, he looked at me before turning to the hobbits "We shall rest here tonight" he tells them. We finally reached the tower where the hobbits drop their bags and sit down, I look over the plains below. "These are for you. Keep them close" Strider tells them as he hands them all small swords, "We're going to have a look around" he informs them as he grabs my hand "Stay here" I call over my shoulder.

 "Stay safe" Strider whispers to me as he moves some of my hair behind my pointed ear, before splinting up and taking the right side of the tower. I walked around the left side when I stared to smell smoke, I turned back to the tower to see a small campfire blazing. "Stupid hobbits!" I hiss as screams were heard. I run all the way back to the tower and met up with Strider at the base, I slowed down for a bit but soon quickened up as I heard metal against metal. I bent down and grab a stick that wasn't completely stamped out, Strider also picked one up and shouted at me to be careful but my mind was set on protecting those hobbits. I jump over a fallen pillar and swung my torch around, scaring the Nazgul away from a screaming Frodo. I block a sword and duck down, setting the cloak of a Nazgul on fire, it screams and jumps off the tower. I spin around just in time as a sword would of sliced into my shoulder, I keep blocking the Nazgul's attacks, sending him backwards until he turns around and flees. From behind me, I senses the last Nazgul and I throw my burning torch into its face. Along with Strider's torch. It drops it sword on the ground and flees from the tower. "Naevys! Strider!" Sam calls our names, I bend down beside Frodo as Strider joins my side "Help him!" Sam pleads us, "He's been stabbed by a Morgul blade" Strider points out. "This is beyond our skill to heal. He needs elvish medicine" I inform the hobbits as Strider picks Frodo up and carries him away. We run through the woods with me at the front with a torch, followed by Strider and Frodo, lastly Merry, Pippin and Sam with Bill. "Hurry!" I shout as we could hear the screeches of the Nuzgul behind us. "It's six days from Rivendell! He'll never make it!" Sam says from the far back, "Hold on Frodo" Strider mumbles.

Strider and I stood on watch as the other hobbits surrounded Frodo. His eyes have turned cloudy and he is gasping for breaths. "He's going cold!" Sam informs Strider and I, "Is he going to die?" Pippin asks."He's passing into the Shadow world. He'll soon become a wraith like them" I inform them, Frodo gasps again and screeches are heard. I grab onto Strider's hand but quickly let go "They're close" Merry whispers as Strider brushes his hand against mine, to reassure me its fine. "Sam! Do you know the Athelas plant?" Strider asks him "Athelas?" Sam questions, "Kingsfoil" I say, "Kingsfoil, aye, its a weed" Sam says "It may help to slow the poison. Hurry!" Strider tells them and they scatter off. I give a low, soft whistle and don't stop until I hear her neigh. I turn around to face Frodo to see him already looking at me, I kneel down beside him "Frodo. Lasto beth nin. Tolo dan na galad" I whisper to him (Frodo. Hear my voice. Come back to the light) Frodo gasps again and turns away from me. Strider joins me as I mop up his brow, he chews some Athelas before putting it in Frodo's wound, "What are you doing?" Strider asks me "He's not going to last. So I'm taking him to Lord Elrond" I inform him. Strider lifts Frodo up and places him on Nuala, "Where are you taking him?" Merry asks but we ignore him. "Dartho guin perian. Rych le ad tolthathon" Strider tells me (Stay with the hobbits. I will send horses back for you) "Hon mabathon. Rochon ellint im" I say (I'm the faster rider. I will take him) "Andelu i ven" Strider points out (The road is too dangerous) "What are they saying?" Pippin asks. "Frodo fir. Ae athradon i hir, tur gwaith nin beriatha hon. I do not fear them" I tell him (Frodo is dying. If I can get across the river, the power of my people will protect him) Strider takes a hold of my hand and holds it tightly "Be iest lin" he whispers (As you wish) I give a small smile to him before I mount Nuala, sitting behind Frodo. "Naevys. Ride hard. Don't look back" Strider tells me, "Noro lim, Nuala, noro lim!" I whisper to Nuala (Ride fast, Nuala, ride fast) She takes of into a gallop. I look over my shoulder to see Strider having a worried look upon his face and  Sam shouting out 'What are you doing? Those Wraiths are still out there!'



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