The Lonely Winter Fairy

She was a lonely winter fairy, chosen to only work when needed when the cold season came. She wanted freedom, to roam around and be allowed to do as she pleased, and to be happy for once. Meeting a man with similar desires they become friends. And slowly The two had a long, winter romance, a beautiful feeling that the fairy has never felt before. They made promises and vows to always be together.

But will this love even last?

Or will it be shattered by the young man's family?

What is a fairy to do...


1. Prologue: A Change In Routine

You are to stay here for all eternity.

You are the fairy of this forest.

You must take care of its creatures during the winter.

Should you make one false move.




Those were my warnings. I was told to stay here for eternity, only appearing in the winter and after that I must leave it up to the other seasonal fairies to make the change while I head into hiding.

But one winter I left.

I met him during my nightly walk in the streets, I hid my wings and took a stroll down my usual path. One day, I just felt sort of rebellious and took a different turn, hoping to spice up my boring life. As I walked, I bumped into a hard back, causing me to stumble a bit, but luckily I caught myself before I fell on my behind. "A million apologies." I uttered frantically, my voice barely above a whisper, quiet as the falling snow and as soft as a snowflake. The man I bumped into turned around to face me. 

And my heart did a little flip.

This young man was truly handsome. He had soft green eyes and dark, auburn hair in a cowlick, I've noticed he also wore a white bandage across his sharp nose as well. He was tall, and not too muscular, but still had a fit body. He wore a brown jacket, with dark blue jeans, black gloves and black boots. Seeing that I had bumped into him, the man gasped and lifted his hands up, waving them around frantically while apologizing rapidly. "I'm so sorry, are you alright?"

I couldn't help but give him a soft smile and nod. My heart was beating rapidly in my chest, and my stomach filled up with what humans would call, the butterflies. I looked down, feeling slightly embarrassed about bumping into such a handsome man. The young man before me smiled back, and I noticed he was missing a tooth, his canine one the left side. And although I never found this at all appealing on other human males, it suited him, and maybe even made him look a little cute. We stood there in the soft falling snow, staring deeply into each others eyes, my icy blue orbs mixing in with his soft green ones. As the seconds passed, he reached out and softly with his gloved hand, caressed my cheek looking dazed. "Excuse me..." He muttered softly, coming closer to me and smiling down at my curious face. "What's your name?"

I smiled and got a little closer to him, leaning in, our faces just inches apart. We wanted to get closer, to feel each other, hug each other and be together. Everything in that moment felt right, as though we were meant to be together.

This strange pull.

This strange attraction between us.

"My name is Winter."

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