The Lonely Winter Fairy

She was a lonely winter fairy, chosen to only work when needed when the cold season came. She wanted freedom, to roam around and be allowed to do as she pleased, and to be happy for once. Meeting a man with similar desires they become friends. And slowly The two had a long, winter romance, a beautiful feeling that the fairy has never felt before. They made promises and vows to always be together.

But will this love even last?

Or will it be shattered by the young man's family?

What is a fairy to do...


2. Lonely

It had been about a week since I've last seen him. Though I remember our meeting as thought it had happened just yesterday.

"My name is Winter."

He stares at me, a curious smirk making its way to his face. His thumb rubbed against my cheek before he let out a chuckle. "Has anyone ever told you, that you look beautiful beyond belief?"



Seasonal fairies are special, for there will only ever be four of them alive until they somehow conceive a child.

"What is your name?"

He smiled, before placing his forehead against mine, giving me that toothy grin that I felt myself liking. "The name's Alfred, but you can call me Al."

our conversation though, was cut short when Alfred was called by a blonde woman. The woman had wrapped her arms around his chest tightly,  and gave him a hug from behind. She began to talk to him, moving to stand in front of me as though to block me from his view. I saw a dirty look in her eyes, which caused me to flinch.

I got the message.

I knew when I was not wanted, so I nodded and walked away. 

I stopped going on my nightly strolls since then, I didn't want to bump into him in case I saw him with that woman again.

The last thing I needed was for history to repeat itself.

It gave me an odd feeling of sorts to see her with him, as if my heart was being clenched tightly in the fists of the angered Gods, and I was about to faint. That was a feeling that I would never wish upon anyone.

I sighed as I sat down on my tree trunk next to my lonely lake. I guess it was time for me to make it snow again, it would help pass the time. I stood up, my long, light blue silky dress clung to my body and flowed beneath me. I combed my midnight black hair with long slander fingers and sighed once again, as it shined a dark blue in the moonlight. I spread my wings a little, fluttering them about ever so slightly, before waving my hand as a silky, white flute appeared before me. I grabbed the flute gently, before taking a deep breath and playing softly.

As the wind blew, the clouds formed in the sky, shielding the moon. I continued to play the soft, slow song as it began to snow, covering the ground with another coating. I played, pouring my feelings of the human I met a few weeks before into my song. He excited me, he intrigued me, he made my heart do a crazy dance and made my knees feel weak.

And yet...

He saddens me, he makes me feel lonely, he depresses me and shatters my heart when he is with another.

What is this feeling?

"That is one sad tune, Winter."

I stopped playing to turn to the newcomer. It was Autumn, she was wearing her orange-red dress with different coloured maple leaves hanging off of it, flowing behind her as she walked. Her chestnut brown hair flowed in the wind as her honey-coloured eyes  stared up at me with curiosity. Autumn was indeed beautiful, she was shorter than me and unlike me, Autumn was not constantly sad. She was the serious type of woman, she wasn't too strict but she could be when needed. She did her work swiftly and perfectly, loving the soft, cold wind she makes blow. 

"Hello Autumn." I whispered, looking to the ground. I had an ideas as to why the other was here, because they only came to me when it was convenient for them. The young season nodded in response, before looking at me with a look I knew all too well. "Winter, Summer said you must work a little longer this season." Winter gave an inward sigh and nodded. "She is with her lover, I presume?"

Autumn scuffed and crossed her arms, scowling at me. "That is none of your business! You just do as you are told!"

Winter couldn't help but flinch at her sudden roar, she was always walked on and viewed as an object. The Gods controlled her, just as the other seasons did. She was the least favourite out of all the seasons, the unwanted one. Winter nodded and went back to playing her flute, the snow continued to fall a little more than before. Autumn blinked, before raising an eyebrow at the other fairy before her. "Alright tell me, I can sense that something is bothering you." I ignored her and continued playing, but this only seemed to anger Autumn, for she was never one to like being ignored. Reaching out she grabbed my upper arm, giving me a sharp tug and causing me to drop  my flute.

The instrument fell to the ground and shattered into a million pieces.

Years of it being in my cold hands, frozen and coated in ice, had made the poor flute fragile. I had taken care of it with all of my being, it was my most treasured belonging.

My eyes widened in shock, as I let out a horrified gasp. "Now look at what you did!" Autumn growled, letting go of my arm and stomping away. She did not even bother to apologize, though I never expected her to. I ignored her, and just knelt down, gently picking up the pieces with my own, cold hands.

My poor old flute.

It was a gift given to me by my only friend, she was the only Nymph that seemed to like me enough to come near me.

She told me she loved my season, which at first I thought was something that some of the other Nymphs had told her to say, until I realized she really did, for she came often to watch me make it snow whenever she could. "Talia," I whispered, holding the pieces close to my chest as I let a tear slide down my cheek. "I'm sorry, I have broken your gift to me." Normally one does not cry for such things, as Summer has told me, but I just could not help it. Talia, whom had passed away many winters back, was the only one to make me laugh when I wanted to cry and smile when I wanted to frown.

She was an amazing Nymph, a kind one and unlike the other Nymphs, she did not like to fool around with the humans as well as other mystical creatures here in the faerie Realm. But the other Nymphs forced her to at least try it once with a human, and that became her downfall. She had fallen in love with a human male, whom had loved her back, but alas he was taken. His wife had found out about their love affair and had Talia burned on a stake, being mistaken for a witch. When the human male found out about her death, he came to me and asked me to kill him. I, of course, could not do something so heartless, but he had begged me to end his life. Talia was my best friend, she had introduced me to him, and out of sympathy and love, I had drowned him in my lake.

He froze to death before he drowned.

To this day I sit by my tree trunk near that same lake and say my apologies to him over and over again.

I am not a murderer, I never wanted to be one.

Why is it that I am the only seasonal fairy that everyone seems to hate? Even Aphrodite hates me. She would rather see Summer, Autumn and Spring than come to me.

Why must I be the lonely season that no one loves.

The season everyone curses, and everyone hates, both the humans and the creatures of the mystical realm?

Why must I be this way?

Why must I feel so lonely?

I began to cry that day, I know what my tears do when I cry and do not control my emotions, but at the moment I can't seem to bring myself to care. I would rather take a punishment by any of the Gods than hold in my tears. Within seconds the sky began to cloud over once more, and soon, little droplets of hail began to fall.

"Talia... I have no idea what to do anymore..."

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