Amy and Rory have been best friends as long as they can remember. They're as close as brother and sister. Amy begins to fall for Rory without even realizing it. When she does it's too late.


3. Rory confesses

2  months earlier

"amy can i talk to you for a private," rory asked.

"what's up?" i asked slightly confused.

"so i really like this girl but we're really good friends and i don't want to ruin our friendship. What should i do?" he asked anxiously.

" Tell her or show her how you feel. I personally wouldn't let that get in the way of my friendship with someone. There's no point in losing a good friend just because of what feelings the other person has towards you."

"so who is she then?" i ask wanting to know more.

" let me show you" he tells me.

He points somewhere behind me. I turn around and there's no-one there. As i turn around Rory kisses my cheek.

" i had no idea rory... wow!" i say, suprised.

"so...?" he says nervously.

" come here" i say trying to reassure him.

I lean in closer to him. He lowers his head and leans in. Our lips collide. i'm in heaven. After what feels like forever but was actually only a matter of seconds, I pull away and smile.

" now that's how i feel but i'm not sure about you" i say flirtatiously.

He slides his hands down my body until they reach my waist. His lips meet mine. We then start a constant war of our tongues.


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