Amy and Rory have been best friends as long as they can remember. They're as close as brother and sister. Amy begins to fall for Rory without even realizing it. When she does it's too late.


2. Our parents: The big news

When i said our parents became closer and closer. This is what happened one evening when i came home from school.



"hi Amy. I have some news for you. You might want to sit down. I've already told your sister this but i'm seeing someone," my dad confesses.

"that's great dad! who is she? When do i get to meet her?" i ask.

" that's the thing you've already met her," he admits.

"ok. who is she?" i ask nervously.

"Rory's mum, sophie and we've been dating for a while and i thought i should let you know as we've been talking about getting married."

"what you mean Rory could be my step-brother?" i ask kinda confused.

" yeah well that won't be a problem will it. You're already almost brother and sister anyway so it won't be any different." he says trying to reassure me.

"i guess not. I just need some space and time to think. I'm going upstairs. "

I rush off upstairs. This wouldn't have bothered me but if this one particular event hadn't have occured then everything would've been absolutely normal. Or as normal as possible.


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