Amy and Rory have been best friends as long as they can remember. They're as close as brother and sister. Amy begins to fall for Rory without even realizing it. When she does it's too late.


1. The begginning

I met Rory when i was 3 years old. We went to nursery toghether. You know how little children are. They'll just go upto each other and make friends. That's explains the entire situation. Rory came upto me and said, "hi my name's rory. What's your name?"

I obviously replied with, " My name's Amy."

From there onwards our parents became closer and closer as friends and so did we.

I couldn't tell you how many times we've been to each other's houses.

When i was 11 i went to summer camp without Rory. I didn't see him all summer. I next saw him at school, secondary school. He had grown up and matured so much during that time it was unbelievable. He'd gotten a haircut and started styling his hair. As soon as i saw him i was like 'wow who's that hottie over there?' Then i realised he was my first crush. I've liked him ever since. I was going to tell him but then things changed. 

I'll explain later...

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