Not So Dead

My name is Carter Reid and I have the secret of a lifetime. Okay. This is where things get weird. On Halloween, of all the nights, I died. My heart stopped beating, my eyes closed, and blood was coming out of my side, I was absolutely, positively - dead. The problem is that even though I was dead, I woke up an hour later. Weird, right? Turns out a guy I despise, Declan Covington, decided to save me by turning me into a vampire just like him. [Insert annoyed expression here] So, now I'm eternally bound to someone who is a complete and utter idiot for trying to be the hero. Good times.


1. How It Happened | Prologue


      ​  Have you ever been hungry? Have you ever been really hungry? I used to think I knew what those words meant. It’s what happens when my stomach grows, right? If only it were that simple.

         To summarize the situation, I don’t really get hungry anymore. Ever since about a month ago, I’ve been ravenous. The word hungry no longer applies when you'd do anything for what you're... craving.Why? Great question.

        “Shit, shit, shit,” Was all I heard before Declan’s face came into my view that night. Smoke flooded the area around me. For a moment I forgot where I was,but  then I recognized the air freshener in my rearview mirror. I was in my car. My head shot up too quickly to see a wide oak tree jammed into the front side of my car. “Are you alright?” Declan asked me.

        Still disoriented it took me a minute to answer him. “Yeah, I-I’m fine.”

       He stepped a little closer to the shattered drivers window then suddenly took a step back, covering his mouth. “No, you’re not.” He said through what sounded like gritted teeth, considering his mouth was still covered.  

        “I feel fine.” I said, shifting slightly before a sharp pain erupted through my side. I looked down to realize I hadn't noticed part of the broken steering wheel lodged just underneath my ribs. I immediately gagged at the amount of blood that streamed out of me.

        Swallowing back my fear, I turned my attention back to Declan. He was still in his football jersey from practice. Since I had just moved to this town a month ago, I only knew him as the obnoxious football player who couldn’t figure out which team to play for. Until that night, he was just another student at Stone Fell High.

        Declan gave me an anxious expression. I frowned back at him. “Stop it,” I glared. “You don’t get to be scared. You have to figure out a way to -” I gasped at the pain. “- help me.”

        He glanced at my wound and licked his lips as if he were contemplating something. He glanced over his shoulder after a few seconds, looking around.

        My side was killing me, literally. The world around me was getting smaller and smaller. The head on my shoulders would suddenly become light and then I’d snap back into reality. Declan just watched me. “Do something.” I whispered.

        Sighing, he said, “Are you asking me to help you live?”

        I tried to laugh but ended up coughing instead. “C’mon, I’m dying here and you’re asking stupid questions.”

        He clenched his jaw. “Do you want me to make you live?”

        I reached out and tugged on his jersey. If I had the strength to, I would have pulled him down to my level so that I could hit him in the face. But, that’s just it, my strength was running out.

        “Answer me,” He said sternly, pulling away from my grip to swing open the car door that I thought was jammed shut from the impact. My eyes widened and I let out of cry of pain as I felt the metal inside me move from the force. Blood slithered down the side of my mouth as breathing was beginning to become a struggle. “Listen to me. I need to you say it.” He said as he kneeled beside me, wiping the blood away with the end of his jersey.

        His green eyes narrowed, seemingly getting darker the more I stared back at him. “Of course I want to live.” I said breathlessly. By that time, I could hardly lift my head off the seat.

        He glanced over his shoulder one last time before he came closer, his face inches from mine. Declan cupped my cheek roughly, eyes looking from my own and back to my neck several times. His other hand wrapped around the shrapnel in my side. Without taking his eyes off of mine he slowly pulled out the metal. I jerked my hands to his shoulders, holding onto him as tightly as I could.

        “What...the hell… are you doing?” I said in between gasps of breath and cries of agony.

        “Trust me,” He said as he yanked the last little bit out and threw the shrapnel to the side. Suddenly the world became very dark, almost like someone dimmed the lights for a moment. Declan shook me out of it. “Look at me,” He said making my head face him. “I’m going to help you, okay? You don’t get to die.”

        I didn’t have time to say anything else before he leaned in toward my neck. He arched my head back, I felt his lips graze my skin. The world was fading fast as I felt something sharp sink into me. Wincing, something warm followed the slight pain. Declan’s tongue was pressed against my neck, causing the pain to suddenly vanish. No longer did I hurt, but instead I felt a sort of longing for more. It was almost like a high, so much so that my entire body lifted toward him. The feeling felt so good, but as quickly as the feeling came it dissipated with the rest world.

        The last thing I saw was the image of Declan’s blood-covered mouth before it all went to darkness.



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