101 Poems For The Heart

A simple book filled with poetry meant to touch deep within those hidden feelings. Poems of pain, love, tragedy, betrayal and some of hope, happiness, faith and joy. Read if you wish, read on the poems meant to touch the soul and open the mind, to teach and be taught. 101 poems for the heart to enjoy, to take in. Enjoy yourself and happy readings.


6. Writer's Block

The need for my fingers to glide across that keyboard.

The want of getting my words out there.

I want to share what I have to say with the world.

But this evil creature is stopping me, it's just not fair.

Words upon words are stuck in my mind.

Each one fighting to be first.

I can't contain this urge to write.

But how can I write when I can't find the proper words?

Here I sit, glaring at the screen.

The blank page, wordless and clean.

It's waiting patiently, waiting for me.

Waiting for the words that want to be freed.

The device is waiting, and so are the readers.

They ask for some answers, as though I'm their leader.

Why do you exist, oh evil being of mine?

Why won't you leave me be, and allow me to write?

I only want to create a new story, one with a character that finds their own glory.

Yet here you are, preventing me from that.

I wish I could hit you with a large baseball bat.

You're evil and cruel, and won't leave me be.

Just let me write the words, that I want to be seen!

But I will get through this, some way or somehow.

That is a promise, a declaration, a vow.

So here we are again, every writer's enemy.

Here I go, finding the remedy.

I will fight until the end, and stand as hard as a rock.

And you'll be defeated, my dreaded writer's block.

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