101 Poems For The Heart

A simple book filled with poetry meant to touch deep within those hidden feelings. Poems of pain, love, tragedy, betrayal and some of hope, happiness, faith and joy. Read if you wish, read on the poems meant to touch the soul and open the mind, to teach and be taught. 101 poems for the heart to enjoy, to take in. Enjoy yourself and happy readings.


5. The Lonely Jumper

What was it like to see through your eyes, everything bright and filled with colour?

Is it fun?

is it happy?

Or is it annoying to see all those colours daily?

What is it like to smile?

I'd give anything, to be happy for a while.

I want to be like you.

I want to be surrounded, by people who adore me.

But sadly I can't, because that's not who I should be.

I hate being myself, and just watch from a distance.

Why is it me, why am I the one without friends?

You sit with them surrounding you, I sit in the corner alone.

Sure at times you're such a fool, but at least you have someone to come home to.

I sit by myself in such an empty house, with no one there by my side.

You don't notice me but that's alright, it won't matter now since I'm this high.

The streets below me are lit up so bright, as cars begin to pass by.

No one can see me, because try as I might, no one would want me by their side.

I'm so jealous of you, so very envious.

Because I don't have what you do.

Just one step, and that's all it takes to change everything.

Is this a coward's move?

Am I doing the right thing?

No matter, I don't care, it's the end for me.

I'm alone and now, everyone will see how truly lonely I've been.

With one step I fall, as the air blows through my hair.

Don't worry now, no one will care.

Because that's the way it's always been.

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