101 Poems For The Heart

A simple book filled with poetry meant to touch deep within those hidden feelings. Poems of pain, love, tragedy, betrayal and some of hope, happiness, faith and joy. Read if you wish, read on the poems meant to touch the soul and open the mind, to teach and be taught. 101 poems for the heart to enjoy, to take in. Enjoy yourself and happy readings.


7. Plan B

You use fancy words, and intoxicate me with your scent.


You touch me lightly,

Knowing exactly where to caress.


You kiss me gently,

Nipping my neck with affection.


You gaze at me deeply,

A look of lust forever in your iris.


You are the master and I am your pet.


You command me and I follow your every step.


You know where to touch.


How to hold me.


How to kiss me.


And what to say.


Here I am, at your command.

I do what you say, with little restrain.

You make me yours, mark me for the night.


Keep me by your side, until the sun raises again.


By then I'm out of your hair, I leave your room.

I put my clothes back on, and fix my myself up.

Down the hallways and out the door.


I do it so constantly, so when you wake up to feel the sheets, I'm no longer by your side.

The next day there you are.


But not with me.


Is that a women on your right arm?


Are you smiling?


I knew it.


I saw it coming.


But even so I still cry.

I still shed tears, and I run away.

This happens so often and yet I still cry over you.


Plan B.


That's what I'll always be to you.

You call me only when you need me.

You need me only when you're lonely.


But you don't love me.


I'm the mistress.


The one in the shadows, who you mark at yours and yet...

You're with someone else.


Don't mark me.

If you don't intend to keep me.


Don't call me.

If you're just lonely.


Don't look at me.

If you'll only stare at me with lust.


Don't touch me.

If it's not with love.


That was the last night, the last night we spend together.


You called again, but I turned off my phone.

You came to my house, but I was not home.

You lost me, just take it in.


I won't be your plan B anymore.


A few days later you spotted me, you ran towards me and were horrified.


The marks you left have long since faded, replaced by new ones.


Ones made by someone else.

But this made you angry.


You came to me, and shouted.

You accused me of being unfaithful.

But when I said that I was the mistress, you kept your mouth shut.


"I'm not yours, I never was."


And with that I left you, alone in the streets with your jaw to the floor.


I'm no longer your pet.

You can't command me.


Find yourself another.


Never again will I ever be your plan B.

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