101 Poems For The Heart

A simple book filled with poetry meant to touch deep within those hidden feelings. Poems of pain, love, tragedy, betrayal and some of hope, happiness, faith and joy. Read if you wish, read on the poems meant to touch the soul and open the mind, to teach and be taught. 101 poems for the heart to enjoy, to take in. Enjoy yourself and happy readings.


11. Allister Autumn

When I was a young lass, my eyes did see, the prettiest lady right out at sea.

Hair resembling seaweed, skin pale as the moon, the laddie sang a sweet song.

A beautiful tune.


Upon the rock she sat herself, as her tail with the waves did flow.

Full lips and bright eyes.

My heart in her hands she did hold.


The years did pass,

And I no longer that once young lass,

But a man I became with my goals set straight.


And a strong man I know that I am.


I went to the sea, where I knew she would be, and held those flowers tightly.

Oh my palms how they sweat, but strong I did act, to see if she would meet me.


"Pretty lady where are ye? Please come out to where I may see ye."

And out she appeared, upon that rock.

Still as beautiful as the day I had seen her.


I swallowed and smiled, and stayed there a while, before finally did I speak.

"Oh pretty maiden, how I've long for ye. Please be mine, let me be by your side."


As a young man, a fool I was, for the maiden heaved such a sad sigh.

Shaking her head, a sad smile she had, before turning to swim into the waters.


Day in and day out,

I returned with despair,

To realize that I would find her no more.


Her beautiful face and seaweed-like hair will fill my vision no more.


It was then that me mum, so pretty and bright, came to me with a sad smile.

"Allister my dear," she said with a sigh. "You are wrong for I fear, that the young women you love is not human."


I knew what she meant,

I've known as a lass,

And yet I still long to hold her.


Her melodies,

Her beauty,

Still haunt me and my dreams.


And now as a man, alone in my bed, I pray to the gods above.

"Let me be with her," I prayed with all my might. "For I've only loved her in all me life."


Day in and day out,

I went to that spot,

Where I first did see that mermaid.


I stood there until my last breath of life, as she swam up to me to say her goodbyes.


"Allister oh Allister, my deepest apologies." She sang to me as I began sleep.

"I have loved thee for ages since you were a lass, but I could not be with you for reasons.

You are my love,

The one I have cherished,

Therefore I shall turn you into a season."


With the help of the gods my maiden did sing, as the life began to leave my body.

Closing my eyes I hear my name, as she sits on my lap to sing to me.


"We shall meet once again my sweet Allister, but no longer a human will you be." She hummed a soft tune as light overcame me, and light did my body become.


"When we meet you will see,

Together we will be,

And you shall be known as sir Autumn."


That is the story my little young lass, of the one who fell for a maiden.


A love that was granted, by the gods, as the man was turned into Autumn.

Into the water he may swim in, and out of the water she may come.


To sing soft songs and speak soft words,

And finally the two,

May become one.

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