My Rants and What-Not

This is just where I'm going to rant about what I'm annoyed with at the moment, or just random things altogether. Enjoy ��


2. Tumblr

Okay I have only one problem with Tumblr. Usually, I love that site, with the humor and the 'Tumblr girls' but other times, the people on there make me want to jump off of a bridge. Honestly, it's a site where people can just talk and make friends and be themselves. But then the assholes stroll on in.

They feel the need to make everyone believe the same as them, and then go around making others feel like crap on the bottom of a shoe. It's just not right. They're defeating the entire purpose of the site, and making it depressing and full of bullies. That's just reality, I know, but there should be a place (which Tumblr is) where people can be themselves and have fun. Is that too much to ask, your royal pains?? No. I didn't think so.

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