My Rants and What-Not

This is just where I'm going to rant about what I'm annoyed with at the moment, or just random things altogether. Enjoy ��


8. The Dog Ate my Homework

Okie Doke I'm about to tell you a story of what happened to me the first day of my high school career. Freshman year. Ugh. Makes me cringe. Anyways, it was the very first day, and I was nervous as all get out, but I kept my cool. Until second period.

*background info* My family had gotten a new dog the summer before my freshman year started. He was sweet, until he literally ate half of my summer homework. It was torn straight up. Half the packet was just gone.

Back to coming into class on the first day. I came into class, and the first thing she said was,"Hello, my name is Ms.____, and it's going to be a great year *insert inner eye roll*. Please pass forward your summer homework!"

Shit. I raised my hand, smiled sweetly as she walked up to my desk. All I did was point to my packet, which I will add was completely done, everything filled in and finished, and was only half chewed. She looked at me , and I explained about the new dog, and that he had a bit of a chewing problem.

I shit you not, the first three words she said to me were," The dog, huh?" In the most nasal, condescending voice possible.

I shot right back, "No ma'am, I just got hungry on the bus. Hope you can forgive me?"

She just plucked the packet from my hand and walked back to her desk, collecting the other packet on the way there.


I guess you can say I was not her favorite student, and she most definitely was NOT even my tolerable teacher on my list. Ugh.

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