My Rants and What-Not

This is just where I'm going to rant about what I'm annoyed with at the moment, or just random things altogether. Enjoy ��


4. Mean Girls

Okay, when I say mean girls, I'm not talking about that wonderful movie. No. I'm saying mean girls, as in, those bitches in your third period or whatever at school. You know them. You're nice to them. But they are just rude.

Flipping their hair, acting snotty like they rule the world. I know it's good to be confident, but these ladies are just over the top. Really.

I mean, I go to school to learn and have a good time. But these girls ruin it, and make things about themselves constantly. Boo hoo. Nobody cares that you broke a nail, or that Mr Quarterback asked for that other cheerleaders number instead of yours. Good. For. You. But I. Don't. Care.

Do I look like a psychiatrist? I'm nice to these girls, and they act like friends, but the minute you turn your back, they are talking shit.

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