My Rants and What-Not

This is just where I'm going to rant about what I'm annoyed with at the moment, or just random things altogether. Enjoy ��


1. Teachers

Okay here we go. Some teachers are super nice , and I wish we were friends or some shit. But others I just want to take their little snotty faces and- I won't go into detail. For example, some feel the need to say in their 'sweet' voices "If you ever have a question, ask. The only stupid questions are the ones not asked", and then they'll smile innocently. 5 minutes go by, you raise your hand, ask a question, and they look at you like you are from outer space or something.

I shit you not, this will be why I drop out of school someday possibly. It's from these teaching idiots trying to get us learning slaves to memorize 20 math equations for tests or every country in the eastern hemisphere. Goodness gracious. A monkey could teach better than them.

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