1. Poem

Life is a fickle woman

She plays with you

Builds you up

Until you are at the top of the world

Then she brings you down

Harsh and fast

When she is done with you

She sends you away


To a empty valley

Where Death will claim you

Death is a cruel man

Death will force you to watch


Watch as Life plays

Plays the game she loves the most





Until she grows bored again

​ And they end up in a empty valley

​Where Death is waiting


But Death is not a kind man​

They will never be near you

You will never see them


 Death is wicked

Taking you away

Keeping you captive 

Never letting you go

Forever trapped in his cold embrace

You wish you could see them


But Life is fickle

One day Life gives you a good day

The next day Life will ruin you

Wreak your family 

And tear you to pieces

Life continues on

Until one day Life stops





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