You are my goals

"I'm just a little girl from a small town, I don't deserve this. I don't deserve you"
"Wynter, if anything, I don't deserve you. You are my everything. I wouldn't dream of leaving you.."


1. Chapter One

The car ride from the airport was long. Wynter was exhausted. She was starting a new life in Sydney. Since her mother died, she had to move from England to live with her father. Wynter was wearing a Fall Out Boy hoodie and black ripped jeans. Her hair was thrown into a messy bun and her black sneakers were tied on her feet. As the taxi pulled up outside her father's home, he was waiting outside his arm wrapped around Sheila, his new wife. Wynter's parents split up when she was five. Her father moved away and Wynter had to stay with her mum.

"Hey sweetie. How was the flight?" Her dad asked.

"Fine." Said Wynter glaring at Sheila. She looked a little... Young.

The taxi drove away as Wynter was left stood on the edge of the road with her luggage.

The weather was warm, the sky a beautiful blue, not a cloud in sight. No wind, the trees were not blowing swiftly or softly. As Wynter went to pick up her luggage she saw a car pull up on the drive opposite her new home. Four good looking guys hopped out the truck but one in particular caught Wynter's eye. He had blond hair, a lip piercing and great fashion sense. She didn't mean to stare at him but when his eyes met hers she melted. She quickly turned around to see her father had took two of the three bags she had brought.

"Come on pet" said Shelia, heading inside.

The house was pretty modern and large. There was a pool out on the back. The landscaping was immaculate and classy. As Wynter stepped inside the house, she saw the walls were a calm white and the flooring was laminate. The stairs spiralled upstairs with a grand manor. And there seemed to be doors everywhere. Inside the hallway there was a total of 7 doors.

"The first door is the door to the basement, the second one is the dining room, that one across from there is the gaming room, a personal favourite." Her father began. He went on about what different rooms were in the house. Then Wynter headed upstairs with her bags. The upstairs hallway was a lot bigger than the downstairs one. It had sofas and huge flat screen TVs. Three computers at nice shiny glass desks. A beautiful chandelier hanging brightly above. Wynter looked down to see a couple closed doors. There was one open and it had a sign which said "Wynter's Room". It looked like her father had already prepared her room. Wynter walked slowly towards 'her' room and went inside. The bed had turquoise and white bed sheets. The wardrobe was a clear white and the window seat was a plush black. Her room was decorated with a light turquoise wallpaper on one wall and white paint on the other three. It was beautiful.

Wynter heard footsteps and turned around quickly. It was Sheila.

"Do you like your room sweetheart?" She asked smiling. She seems polite, thought Wynter, but there is something strange about her.

"It's nice." Said Wynter looking at the awful clothing choice Sheila had made. Yellow belly top with denim short shorts and bright pink wedges....

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