What is love?

Is love all it's cracked up to be? When Anna's boyfriend, George, starts telling her what to do, she isn't so sure. As her friendship with Ashley, who she's known since year 7, starts to go downhill, Anna finds she's very alone in a big scary world.

Can geeky boy Sammy get her back on track?


3. Who Is He?

I still haven't told you how me and George met. How ridiculous is that? The last chapter was meant to be about that very subject! I really willtell you how we met now.


I was walking in the park one day with some friends. We were just hanging out as usual. Then one of my friends spotted a group of guys. I can't remember which friend it was but that's not the point. Everytime we as a friendship group spot a guy or a group of guys we always analyse them from head to toe. One of the boys instantly stood out to me. He wasn't an outsider but he wasn't the life of the party. There was just something special about him that grabbed my attention. I had no idea of his name. He was a complete stranger to me. It wasn't a crush or anything. He stood out from the other guys (in a good way).


Later that month he arrived at my school. I saw him occasionally in the hallway but we never talked. I was determined to find out more about him. He seemed to keep his life private. I was desperate to make him let me in. Maybe become friends with him. He drew me in and forced to go deeper and deeper into his life. Find out more and more information. There was one thing left. I still didn't know his name yet. He was this mysterious stranger. I was like a journalist searching for the scoop. I was going to find it eventually. I knew I would.


When the timetables changed I had one weekly lesson with him: chemistry. Obviously it had to be chemistry, didn't it, the one subject with a name that remotely relates to love. This definitely wasn't a crush it was merely a curiosty. Everytime the teacher called out his name on the register I was always doing something. It was either talking to my lab partner about the ahead task or preparing equipment. It was so annoying! I would kick myself under the table each time it happened.


Finally one day my chemistry teacher decided it was time for a change of seating plan. Coincidently I was sat next to him. I managed to get a glance at his book. His name was George. The anonymous stranger had finally been named. We sometimes exchanged words, but not many. I really wanted to find out more about him but he didn't really talk to me. It was almost a crush, I guess, but not really.


It was like he was being slowly dripped into my life. First I saw him in the park, then at school, in chemistry and finally being sat next to each other. It was almost as if it was destiny for me and him to be together. Only now was I realising that this is what love feels like.

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