What is love?

Is love all it's cracked up to be? When Anna's boyfriend, George, starts telling her what to do, she isn't so sure. As her friendship with Ashley, who she's known since year 7, starts to go downhill, Anna finds she's very alone in a big scary world.

Can geeky boy Sammy get her back on track?


2. The Beginning

You probably want to know how me and George met. Well, before I do that, I'd better tell you how I think people fall in love. There seem to be two ways people do this. One: they have been friends for an age, then when they grow up, they fall in love. Two: they see each other and never talk, but have a crush, and eventually, they meet at a party or something and fall in love.


Me and George are different, I suppose you could say it was love at first sight. We saw each other, and I instantly wanted to be friends with him. I wasn't exactly a love expert, so I just wanted to be friends at the time. We talked as friends, and I eventually developed a crush on him. And then, right at the end of one Friday, he said these very words,

"Anna, you have been driving me crazy. Please meet me in the park tomorrow?" I was so shocked that I just stood there frozen, until he said, "Hello? Is Anna in there? I would like to talk to her..." I was still frozen. "I'll... take that as a no then?" His voice seemed sad, as if he had been really hoping for the answer to be yes. He started to turn, when my brain finally kicked into gear,

"No, I mean yes, I- I'd love- I'll meet you in the park tomorrow." Being the idiot I am, I stumbled over my words and repeated his question almost in full. I sounded like a brain-dead robot.

"Right, sure," A smile he was clearly trying to hide, spread across his face. "How about we meet at, say, 11 o'clock in Kerwood Park?"

"Sure, I live right near there." The park literally backed my house.

"Hey, same! Maybe we'll be able to meet up more!" He seemed very happy. "You know," he coughed, "to study and... stuff."

"And stuff. Right." Finally. I sound more like a human being. I turn away, dazed, ready for a coffee and to sort out what the hell just happened.

"Wait, Anna," he said, holding onto my arm, "Come back for a second." I turned back around, wondering what on earth he could want. He turned me around by my arm, then played the oldest trick in the book, "Look over there!" Of course, me being me, I turned to look. Then he gave me a quick peck on the cheek. It was like God was smiling on me.


From then on, we just became closer and closer. He gave me pecks on the cheek went we parted ways, then on our fourth date, he pecked me on the lips. It was so quick and brief, but I was like a dream come true for me. Then finally, on our fifth date, he finally kissed me properly. I had no idea how to kiss a boy, but he led the way and it felt like I'd actually gone to heaven. It may sound very cliché, but it was in the most romantic setting ever. We'd just come out of a movie and were walking along the sidewalk, with the massive setting sun next to us, when he leaned in and kissed me. It was like the sun had hit me and was taking me to paradise.

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