What is love?

Is love all it's cracked up to be? When Anna's boyfriend, George, starts telling her what to do, she isn't so sure. As her friendship with Ashley, who she's known since year 7, starts to go downhill, Anna finds she's very alone in a big scary world.

Can geeky boy Sammy get her back on track?


1. My Life's Synopsis

I run upstairs and curl up in a ball on my bed, weeping silently. The door slams shut below me with a massive bang. Finally, I think, he's gone. I can breathe again.


A few hours later, I wake up to hear my mum calling for me. Damn it! What time is it? 6 o'clock. Have I just slept for 4 hours? I sit up on the bed and see my rumpled clothes. My eyes feel rather sticky. I rush to my en suite to look at my reflection. My eyeliner and mascara have run whilst I was crying and now they've dried into a sticky mess. I grab my eye-makeup remover and scrub viciously at my eyes. When I finally think I look okay, I run downstairs to see my mum.

"Hello darling, have you been oka... Have you been sleeping?"

"oh, yes, sorry, I, um, lost track of time. I must have been really tired." I've never been very good at lying, so it's particularly hard to cover for my relationship with George. The best I can do is half-truths.


George is my boyfriend and I absolutely love him. He is amazing and so clever and funny and... right I'd better shut up. I could ramble on for hours. The best part is, he loves me back! He tells me in between kisses - off topic, but he's a really good kisser - how beautiful I am, and how lucky he is to have me, when really, I'm the lucky one because he is so amazing. He's sporty and boisterous, yet can be so gentle. At the moment, we're going through a rough patch, but George says that every relationship is like that and it'll blow over soon. I'm looking forward to that. At the minute, he asks me for money all the time and shouts at me, but whenever I bring it up, he always says, "It's not you, it's me, it'll get better soon." And because I love him, I believe him. I mean, that's what love is, isn't it? Believing in the other person, even when it seems impossible? That's why I always do as I'm told. I give him the money and live through the shouting because I love him. The money isn't a problem (my family are really rich so we have a beautiful house and lots of money), but I really don't like the shouting. It makes me cry, and I have to remind myself that I love him.


Anyway, you probably think I'm a spoiled little rich girl now, with a beautiful boyfriend and loving parents, but in truth? I don't have loving parents - they're talking about getting a divorce - and I've only ever had one boyfriend before Goerge and that was in year 7 where 300 of your classmates gather round to see you kiss each other, then you break up three days later. I broke our year's record; I managed to keep him for 2 weeks! That's why I love George so much, because he is a sturdy post in a rough sea. But now my post is starting to chip at the roots. I can only hope that it will be cared for and supported by love.


That's what love is, right?

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