Falling For You

Maia Mitchell is returning home to Austrailia after shooting Teen Beach 2 and meets Calum at the beach. Then Calum introduces Maia to the boys. Luke and Maia fall for each other which interferes with the band. Luke also faces life changing decisions.


5. Lunch with Luke

Maia's POV

Calum came and picked me up. I grabbed my bag and got in the car I purposely sat next to Luke. When we got to the restaurant we went inside. "Calum this is my favourite place to have lunch" I say. When we sit down at the booth I purposely sit next to Luke again.

It's was about an hour for lunch so we all went to cal's place. I'm falling for Luke like crazy but I don't think he feels the same way which makes me sad. I got knocked out of my thoughts when Luke started talking. " let's watch a movie, we can watch mean girls." "Mean girls is my fave movie it's just like 2004 was the best year to make movies." I said laughing a bit.

Calum started playing the movie when Luke tapped my shoulder and whispered in my ear to go into the backyard.

I walked into the backyard and sat on the ocean and waited for Luke. I heard the door shut so I looked behind me and I saw Luke. He came and sat down beside me. We stared at the ocean in silence for about 7 minutes until Luke started talking. " Maia I know we've only known each other for a few hours but will you go on a date with me?" Did I just hear what I think I heard "we'll Luke I guess I will have to say..." I then stopped talking and watched the sunset over the ocean. I put my head on Luke's shoulder and we watched the sunset together. About 5 minutes later Luke looked down at me and said " I never got an answer yet." I was still trying to think i waited two minutes and watched the sun finally set I looked up at him and kissed his cheek and walked back inside without saying anything.

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