Falling For You

Maia Mitchell is returning home to Austrailia after shooting Teen Beach 2 and meets Calum at the beach. Then Calum introduces Maia to the boys. Luke and Maia fall for each other which interferes with the band. Luke also faces life changing decisions.


3. Eyes Meeting Eyes

Maia's POV

As Calum pulls up in the driveway. I opened the door to an average sized house.

"May I present the movie star Maia Mitchell" Calum said

"In your dreams" a blonde haired boy said.

"Luke why don't you look up and see for yourself" Calum said.

I sat down next to a guy with colourful hair.

"Hi I'm Michael and the guy with the brown hair his name is Ashton but you can call him Ash and the guy next to you is Luke" he said

I look over at Luke

I see beautiful blue eyes. I forgot everything. Then I regain conchesnes.

I then give Calum my phone number to call me and get me to come back sometime. I then walk out of the door. I get into my car and drive away.

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