Falling For You

Maia Mitchell is returning home to Austrailia after shooting Teen Beach 2 and meets Calum at the beach. Then Calum introduces Maia to the boys. Luke and Maia fall for each other which interferes with the band. Luke also faces life changing decisions.


7. Date.

I'm so excited for my date with Luke. He said to go casual so I'm wearing a tank top with one of those plaid things over it and some high waist ripped skinny jeans. I quickly do my makeup and curl my hair. I run downstairs and grab my phone. I then hear a knocking the door. I go answer it. "Hi Luke" I said "shall we go?" He asked "yea" we walked to his jeep and drove to the restaurant. (Quick little authors note. I changed the story a bit so now Maia is 19) when we got to the restaurant we got seated. For drinks we both ordered iced teas and for food we both ordered burgers.

Right now Luke is taking me to his house. I'm not sure why but he said he wanted me to come.

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