Falling For You

Maia Mitchell is returning home to Austrailia after shooting Teen Beach 2 and meets Calum at the beach. Then Calum introduces Maia to the boys. Luke and Maia fall for each other which interferes with the band. Luke also faces life changing decisions.


15. Chapter 16

Maia's POV

Luke came back down and put the gifts under the tree. He sat beside me. I leaned my head on his chest. Luke looked down at me "Maia you know I love you right?" "Yes. I love you too Luke" we smiled at each other. We leaned in and kissed each other. We pulled away from the kiss "let's go upstairs" he said. I nodded as we walked upstairs. We got on the bed and started kissing again.

A/N this time I'm gonna shorten it. So all you need to know is more clothes ended up on the ground and undergarments got taken off.

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