Falling For You

Maia Mitchell is returning home to Austrailia after shooting Teen Beach 2 and meets Calum at the beach. Then Calum introduces Maia to the boys. Luke and Maia fall for each other which interferes with the band. Luke also faces life changing decisions.


4. All I'm Thinking About.

Maia's POV

I got home. All I could think about was Luke. He was on my mind all the time.

I can't think of anything else. I then got a call.

Phone call

Me: Hello

Calum: hey Maia do you want to go out for lunch with me and the boys? You can bring a friend.

Me: sure. Come pick me up.

Calum: ok see ya later.

As I hang up I go to my room and go to my closet. I throw everything out of my closet until I find the right thing. I grabbed a matching Diamond necklace to also wear. I change into my clothes which was a crop top and jean shorts. I then was ready.

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