No Matter What - Part 1

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  • Published: 13 Jun 2015
  • Updated: 17 Jun 2015
  • Status: Complete
George is diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, a type of Autism. He has been going to a boy's boarding school since he was seven. The other boys bully him, and he can't control his emotions properly.

One day he meets the strange and mysterious Sam, the only boy he's really ever known who doesn't tease him or try to make him angry. So what will happen when George starts to fall for this wonderful and distant boy?


21. Sam

I hear someone sit by the bed. I don’t know how long it’s been. My head hurts, but that’s all I can feel. I slip in and out of consciousness, catching snippets of sentences. Someone picks my hand up.

George. I know it’s him. I want to call to him, tell him I’m here, but I can’t. I’m trapped. I hear voices. A male voice:

“I’m afraid I was right. She has a movement disorder. The disease she has is very rare in her ase. She is very young, and most people develop it when they’re much older. It is more common in men than women. She has –” I hear no more. I hear George whispering fiercely instead:

“I don’t care! Sam, I love you, just as you are, no matter what. You hear me, no matter what.”

I cling to consciousness.

 Yes, George, I hear you, George. I love you too. No matter what.

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