No Matter What - Part 1

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  • Published: 13 Jun 2015
  • Updated: 17 Jun 2015
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George is diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, a type of Autism. He has been going to a boy's boarding school since he was seven. The other boys bully him, and he can't control his emotions properly.

One day he meets the strange and mysterious Sam, the only boy he's really ever known who doesn't tease him or try to make him angry. So what will happen when George starts to fall for this wonderful and distant boy?


4. George

Every night after that, I wait until everybody has gone to bed and sneak out of the back door. He is sometimes worried that my grades might be slipping or I might be tired in the day. I don’t tell him that I often miss first class to catch up on sleep, claiming I have extra support classes. I also don’t tell him that my grades are getting lower, but no one cares because I’m the happiest I’ve been in ages.

                We laugh and talk and play games till the early hours of the morning. I am happy when I’m with him, he’s my best friend. Every day I can’t wait for the bell to ring, my old self disappearing down the drain. Weekends are worst, with no one to talk to, no work to lose myself in. Luckily I have support group on Saturday mornings and Church on Sunday, so I can try to distract myself.


                On Saturday Sam taught me to cook – or, he tried to! I love being with Sam. It’s like having a twin. Someone who knows you inside out and backwards. I feel like I have known him for ages when it’s only really been four days. Four days! I like being with Sam. He’s my best friend and brother all in one.


                For the last few nights, we’ve done nothing but lay under the stars and occasionally voice our thoughts. I like how his head fits perfectly into my shoulder. I hugged him yesterday, I hugged him good-bye.


Last night, we fell asleep on each other’s shoulders and I only just got back to school in time. I was so worried. Sam’s face was a mirror of mine; we got quite scared.


I’ve been researching how I feel, and most websites say it’s love. I love Sam.

The websites also say that I’m gay. I’m trying to research what it is.

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