My Song Recommendations

A song recommendation every day (be warned, they will probably all be weird folky songs that no one will have heard of or want to bother with.) Hozier, Sara Bareilles, Hudson Taylor, Passenger, Ben Howard, Bear's Den, Vance Joy will all probably be featured quite heavily.

Basically this is just my response to how much I love certain songs and writers at the moment and how I listen to something and get that "weird evangelical zeal, and become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans [hear it]".



1. Explanation

I should imagine that this is pretty self-explanatory but, just to clarify, this movella is all part of my evil plan to indoctrinate everyone with my music taste...


Not exactly...

All I'm doing is providing myself with an outlet in which I can write all about my favourite songs of the moment and hopefully encourage you guys to appreciate them too. I also thought it would be a cool way of keeping a sort of journal and seeing how my tastes develop as I do this.

Each day I will be posting the lyrics to (and hopefully the video/audio for) a particular song of my choosing. I'll explain my love for it and any background explanation or interpretation I have.

As warned in the blurb, it will be very folk-heavy which I realise is not everyone's thing so don't take this as me trying to dictate what makes a good song, I'm just celebrating what is (in my opinion) an underrated musical genre.

Feel free to leave your own thoughts on the songs posted in the comments section - I'd love to hear what your take on these songs are! 

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