My Song Recommendations

A song recommendation every day (be warned, they will probably all be weird folky songs that no one will have heard of or want to bother with.) Hozier, Sara Bareilles, Hudson Taylor, Passenger, Ben Howard, Bear's Den, Vance Joy will all probably be featured quite heavily.

Basically this is just my response to how much I love certain songs and writers at the moment and how I listen to something and get that "weird evangelical zeal, and become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans [hear it]".



4. Day 3 - Once Upon Another Time


Once Upon Another Time by Sara Bareilles:

Once upon another time
Somebody's hands who felt like mine
Turned the key and took a drive
Was free
Highway curve, the sun sank low
Buckley on the radio
Cigarette was burning slow
So breathe

Just yellow lines and tire marks
And sun-kissed skin and handle bars
And where I stood was where I was to be

No enemies to call my own
No porch light on to pull me home
And where I was is beautiful
Because I was free

Once upon another time
Before I knew which life was mine
Before I left the child behind me
I saw myself in summer nights
And stars lit up like candle light
I make my wish but mostly I believed...

In yellow lines and tire marks
Sun-kissed skin and handle bars
And where I stood was where I was to be

Once upon another time
Decided nothing good in dying
So I would just keep on driving
Because I was free...


Another summery song today (although I feel like this one is probably better suited to August or September) to help you appreciate the sunshine. To me this song seems to be full of long lazy evenings in late summer where everything's golden and dusty and you feel weirdly conscious of the nostalgia you will have for it in the months to come.

The beautiful, dusky image it evokes is not the only reason behind my love of this song; Sara Bareilles' voice is simply stunning and the acapella at the beginning shows off the incredible control and command she has of this wonderful voice.

This song is taken from Sara's EP 'Once Upon Another Time' but you may have also come across it as I have it linked in to my Movella 'Triangular Lives'. I would suggest you go and listen to the EP but I love her songs so much that they'll probably all end up here at some point!

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts as always.

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