My Song Recommendations

A song recommendation every day (be warned, they will probably all be weird folky songs that no one will have heard of or want to bother with.) Hozier, Sara Bareilles, Hudson Taylor, Passenger, Ben Howard, Bear's Den, Vance Joy will all probably be featured quite heavily.

Basically this is just my response to how much I love certain songs and writers at the moment and how I listen to something and get that "weird evangelical zeal, and become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans [hear it]".



2. Day 1 - Fairy-tales and Firesides





Fairy-tales and Firesides by Passenger:

We are bitter losers, snarling through our smiles
We’re the lost boys, in the supermarket isles
We’re Christmas dogs, dumped by the side of the road
Confused, we will run for miles
We are road rage
We are stone age
We are wild

We are busted light bulbs, in a backstreet neon sign
We’re the shaking gun, in a service station line
We’ll drink though we’re drunk,
We’ll sink though we’ve sunk
We’re fucked but we say that we’re fine
We are rampage,
Missing back pages in our spine

We long, for journeys and the roadside
We long, for starlight and the low tide
Yeah, we long, for fairy tales and firesides
And oh,

We are coffeehouse cynics,
Too righteous, too rigid to believe
Disappointed romantics,
Scraping the hearts from our sleeves
We’re the toothless drunk,
We’re the ageing punk
Yeah, we are Adam,
We’re the apple and we’re Eve
We are beggars with shiny pennies, on our knees

We long, for sunlight on the hillsides
Yeah, we long, for yesterdays and hindsight
Oh, we long, for fairy tales and firesides
And oh,

Yeah we long for carnivals and fairground rides
Oh, we long for journeys and the roadsides
Oh, we long for fairy tales and firesides



As some of you may be aware, I am currently a massive fan of this guy. Having been discouraged from his music a while back by getting sick of hearing his song 'Let Her Go' six times a day, I rediscovered him recently and realised I'd really missed out.

In terms of poeticism, his lyrics are incredible and I find so many things that I can sympathise with in all his songs. In this particular one I love the sense of wistfulness - the recognition of our mundanity and failings and the whimsical desires we still harbour in spite of it all.

This is one of his earliest songs from his 2010 album 'Divers and Submarines' which is well worth a listen (although not very available) but his current albums 'Whispers' and 'Whispers II' are also breath-taking (you will be getting plenty of recommendations from them in the near future!) and 100% of the profits from 'Whispers II' go to malnourished children in Liberia.


What do you think?

Let me know your verdict and response, hope you enjoyed!

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