feeling unpridictable

Lily Mac Addison was a 16 year old girl, dating Luke Hemmings, has her two best friends with her. But she doesn't know that. After escaping possible death once, she faces yet another threat that takes her m emory. Will Luke help her make it through her recovery, or will it drive him away?


2. the road to nowhere

Lily POV.


So I call my crush Dylan Borin Flightine to see if he is getting this bad storm at his house, so I checked my phone to see if there was any bars, I had 2 still, I called Dylan and asked him " Dylan, there is a bad storm at my house, is it storming over there?" "nope, Lily I want to tell you something" he replied "Not now Dylan this is an emergency!!!" I said like my BFF is dyeing "OK OK, I won't ask you, btw you are missing something I have been dyeing to ask you!!!" he replied, he hung up on me, so I ran inside and into my room I locked the doors and called my mom "she did not answer, I thought I had lost signal, I did not loose my signal though. So I ran outside with my rain gear on hoping to not get hit by rain, I ran towards that strange light, hoping to get somewhere safe. After 3 hours of walking in the bad weather I got nowhere, I looked behind to see my house, there was nothing but pitch black skies.


And so the story begins!!!

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