feeling unpridictable

Lily Mac Addison was a 16 year old girl, dating Luke Hemmings, has her two best friends with her. But she doesn't know that. After escaping possible death once, she faces yet another threat that takes her m emory. Will Luke help her make it through her recovery, or will it drive him away?


14. Dreams know things we don't

Luke's POV- 

Lily fell asleep about twenty minutes ago, so I decided to go walk around outside for a bit. I was leaning against the wall just staring into space, I didn't notice Calum walk up next to me. I turned to him when I heard him let out a small laugh. "What?" He just shook his head. "How did this even happen? I mean, we were just here to see Nial. Next thing I know you dump Hannah, start dating Lily, then this whole mess happened." He turned back to me but I was staring at my feet.

"Honestly, I didn't mean for any of that to happen. I already wanted to break up with Hannah, I wasn't happy with her. Then I saw Lily and.... well I also saw an opportunity. I figured that was how I could get out of the whole Hannah situation and maybe wipe the slate clean. I didn't think I would start dating her, I just thought she was pretty, and a girl! But... I don't know, something just... happened. You know I don't believe in 'love at first sight' or anything like that but, all I did was kiss her. And everything just changed.''


Lily's POV 

All I saw was white, everywhere. "Hello? Luke? Someone!" I called out but got no response. I couldn't just stand here and wait for something to happen, so I started walking. It didn't look like anything except.... well nothing, was ahead, but I walked on. I had the feeling that I was being watched but every time I looked around I saw the same thing, absolutely nothing. Suddenly I felt something wet fall on my arm. As I looked up it started pouring rain and I was instantly soaking. What the heck! Where is the rain even coming from? The rain slowly changed from being cold to burning. It started hurting, a lot. It didn't look like it was raining as hard in other places, so I tried moving away from it but it seemed to follow me. When I looked down I could see that the water had risen up to my knees and was rising fast. I panicked and tried moving away once again, only to find that something I couldn't see was in my way. The water was now up to my neck and I started floating. But only briefly because I felt something attach itself to my leg and I started sinking. The water went over my head and I tried to hold my breath. The water still burned. I could feel my lungs lose every breath of air and things went black.

I fell onto my back, hitting the hard ground. It looked the same, except instead of white everywhere all I saw was black. Did I go back to the 1950's or something? What's with all the black and white. I wasn't wet anymore and when I looked at myself I noticed that I was in completely new clothes. I had on a long black dress that had lace on the top and sleeves. A light flicked on in front of me, revealing a small crowd of people. I didn't recognize any of them, but I could only see there backs. They were all either dressed like me or wearing a black suit. I moved forward and in between them to see what they were huddled around. There was a coffin, in front of it was a sign that had what I assumed was the name of the deceased. Hannah Hemmings​. Where have I heard that name before? I moved to the coffin expecting to see someone I don't recognize like the rest of the people here. But when I looked down I saw a face I know all to much. I was lying in front of me, eyes closed, face pale, and hands folded on my stomach. I k​ept staring at... myself​.

Suddenly, I opened my eyes. I was looking straight at myself, and not only am I very creeped out right now but I'm really confused. "He will leave you." The person spoke, but it didn't sound like me. It wasn't my voice. "Hun, I got to go to the store to grab some stuff." It was another voice, but came from the same mouth. I don't understand any of this. "BACK OFF!" the first voice screamed as the figure that was an exact replica of me lunged out of the casket and grabbed me. That's when everything went black once again.


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