feeling unpridictable

Lily Mac Addison was a 16 year old girl, dating Luke Hemmings, has her two best friends with her. But she doesn't know that. After escaping possible death once, she faces yet another threat that takes her m emory. Will Luke help her make it through her recovery, or will it drive him away?


11. A song becomes reality

 Luke's POV- 

I woke up with the sun in my face. I noticed I wasn't in my room, then I remembered everything that happened. We're in the hospital, Lilys still not awake. And it's all my fault. I still felt so guilty. Was I really stupid enough to think that nothing would happen if I left her alone in the same room as Hannah? I looked over at Lily, lying in the hospital bed with a bunch of tubes in her arms. Yesterday after the whole seizure thing, the doctor told us that the impact from Hannah left her with head trauma, which had caused the seizure. They don't know when she'll wake up. It scared me when the doctor said if she wakes up. No, she will wake up! She has to. I checked my phone and it was almost 9am. I had missed calls from my mum, probably wondering where I am. She already knows about Lily, but I forgot to call her after what happened. I walked outside the room and leaned against the wall as I put the phone to my ear and listened to it ring. "Luke? Where are you? I've called you and the boys but no one answered, I was getting worried." my mum started rambling on when she answered. "Hey mum, we're okay, but we're at the hospital." I said into the phone. "What happened?" she asked sounding a little worried again. "Something happened to Lily. She's still unconscious and me and the lads are here with her." I explained. "Oh my god. That poor girl can't get a break can she? Didn't she just get out?" 

"Yeah. I've just been sitting in her room waiting for her to wake up. I'm going to stay with her until she does." I said miserably into the phone. "Okay... Are you sure you don't want to come home for awhile? I don't think she's going anywhere." I let out a small laugh "Yeah mum, I'll be fine. I want to be here when she wakes up." I said. "Okay, keep me updated. Bye." 

"Bye mum." I hung up the phone and put it in my pocket. I walked back into the room and sat in the chair by her bed. Her lips were chapped and she was paler then usual. I was just watching the monitor screen and the boys came in. "Hey, have you been here all night?" Calum asked when he saw me. I nodded. I'm sure I looked horrible, for the last two days I've been here with Lily, the exception of the time she was out for about an hour. "Any news on how she's doing?" Michael asked h sat in a chair, I just shook my head, lost in my own thoughts. "Well, no news is good news! Right?" Ashton perked up. He's always the optimist of the group. "Yeah." I said trying to be positive. Cal came up behind and put his hand on my shoulder, I looked up at him. "She'll be okay. She's got you by her side, she's tough, she'll be alright." he said trying to reassure me with sympathy in his eyes, but you could still see the worry and doubt. Two girls walked in the room, I recognized them as Lily's friends. Ashley and Vaely, I think those were their names. "Oh, hey guys." Ashley said as she saw us. They went over to the little table by her bed and set down a box wrapped up and with a bow on top. Vaely tied the string of a light blue balloon to Lily's wrist. "What's all this stuff for?" Mikey asked them. "Didn't she tell you what today is?" Ashley asked, but we all just gave her confused looks. "Todays her 16th birthday." Vaely told us. I stared at them in shock. Because of me, she's in the hospital for her birthday. Wow, good job Luke. 

The others left about ten minutes ago to get lunch. I didn't want to leave so they said they would bring me back something. I sat by her bed and held her hand. "Happy birthday baby." I said and kissed her forehead. when I looked back down at her I saw her eyes flutter open. "Lily, you're awake!" I smiled and pulled her into my arms. A look of confusion spread across her face. "Um, yeah, I am." she said and pulled away from me. She gave me a strange look and let her eyes scan the room. "What's wrong?" I asked, worried by all the weird looks she was giving me.

"Um... I'm sorry but, who are you?"

OHHHHH! Hey guys! So heres a chapter, it's really late but i promised myself it would get done tonight. So leave a comment, tell us what you think of everything, theres been a lot of changes lately. And tell us if you liked this chapter! Not sure when the next one will be up but... THX so much for over 600 reads!! Ok, i'm going to bed, comment, like and fave! We love you guys!<3 lasha

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