feeling unpridictable

Lily Mac Addison was a 16 year old girl, dating Luke Hemmings, has her two best friends with her. But she doesn't know that. After escaping possible death once, she faces yet another threat that takes her m emory. Will Luke help her make it through her recovery, or will it drive him away?


1. The begining of a nightmare

Lily POV.

On the day of 02/06/2015 I was walking my dog Peanut when I heard a rumble coming from the sky, I knew that I should go inside to check my email anyway, so I walked inside opened my laptop and went on my email, after 5 minutes of looking at a email my friend sent me, my screen said " DISABLED", I was wondering why my computer would say such a thing, so I walked into my kitchen to get a snack, when I looked out the window, it was pouring rain, and thundering. About 1 hour after I looked out the window, I went to go get some orange juice and I looked out the window again and lightning struck the tree in my backyard, I reached over to grab my phone and it said on the screen "sorry we can not reach your signal right now, please try again later." I got really freaked out.... I went over to my mom and dads room and I tried calling off the landline, it did not even turn on. After 3 minutes of waiting for signal, I checked my phone again and I got 2 bars of signal, and called my best friend Trinity Leerose Vixton, I said " Hi trent, is it raining over at your house?" And she replied " Hi lily, no it is not raining over here." I said "ok well it is storming over here like crazy" I hung up the phone after telling her bye, and the lightning knocked the power out, I grabbed the flashlight from under my bed and walked outside my backyard under the hood of the back porch, I saw nothing but darkness, other than one spot of light coming from the distance "what should I do" I thought to myself....


To be continued!!!






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