You Again

Sara and Luke have been best friends forever, but when Luke's band gets discovered by the biggest boy band in the world it will tear there friendship apart! When Luke and his bandmates are taking a break from touring for a year they decide to go home to Australia where Sara will be living her life without Luke. But does she have feelings Luke? Does Luke have feelings for her?


6. Chapter 5

 Luke's POV

It was so freaking awkward right now. Sara was upstairs getting ready for the beach and so the boys and I were trying to make small talk with Matt. 

"So, how did you meet Sara?" Ashton asked. Now this is something I wanna hear.   

"So it was about a year and a half ago and I was at party that some of my friends from the football team invited me to. It was around 11:00 and everyone had a few drinks, I was downstairs on the dance floor, when there was a scream that came from upstairs. Everyone then ran upstairs, all the doors were closed then the same voice screamed "someone help me". We opened a bedroom door and there was a boy who looked about her age on top of a girl under the covers who was fully naked and the boy was kissing her neck. She was trying to get away but his grip on her was to strong. Right away me and a bunch of the other football guys ran and got the guy off of her. Then a bunch of girls ran over to the girl under the covers and helped her up and get her clothes on-" I then interrupted him. 

"How does this have to do with Sara?" I asked confused because not once did he mention her name. 

"The girl getting harassed, was Sara." Matt said. It shocked all of us. 

"Michael did you know about this?" I asked him. 

"No!" Michael seemed pretty pissed that she didn't tell him this. If Michael didn't know then that meant Sara never wanted to speak about it. 

"Keep going with the story." Calum said. Right now I really didn't know how I felt. Of course I was sad for Sara, but I also was angry, angry that I wasn't there for her and that I didn't get to punch this guy that took advantage of her in the face. Matt then went on with the story. 

"So of course right away we taught this guy a lesson even though none of us really knew Sara. By the time we were done she had already left with her friends. But a couple months later I bumped into her at the grocery market. We talked for a minutes like I asked her how she was doing and all that kind of stuff. She then had to leave and she told me that she was walking home because she didn't have a car so I offered to drive her and I asked for her number and a week later we were dating. So, that is basically the story of how we met." He said. I really didn't listen to the ending, all that I was thinking about was Sara being in that room with that guy and everything happening. 

"I am just going to check on Sara and see if she's almost ready." Matt said. 

"No, don't worry I will go." Calum said standing up. 

"Il come to!" Mikey said walking up the stairs with Calum. 


Michael's POV 

"Sara?" Calum said knocking on the door. 

"Matt?" She said. It sounded like she was crying. 

"Its Calum and Michael." Calum said. 

"Oh... um... just a second." she said sniffling. A few seconds later she opened the door her eyes all red and her nose stuffy. 

"Sara, are you okay?" I asked her, closing the door behind us. 

"Of course." She said obviously not okay. 

"Come on, your talking to us, you can tell us anything."I said sitting down on the bed next to her. 

"I think I still might have feelings for Luke" She said. 

"Thats okay." Calum said 

"No its not!" she said. 

"And why not?" I said 

"Because I love Matt so much, but I also love Luke." She said crying again. 

"Dont cry!" I said giving her a hug. 

"But i don't know what I am going to do!" she said.

"How about you talk to Matt and you talk to Luke. " Calum said. 

"Great idea!" I said. I know Luke will be happy. All he wants to do is to talk to her. 

"I guess." She said 

"So, you ready to go?" I asked. She nodded her head and gave us each a hug and said, "Thanks"


Sara's POV

Calum and Michael helped me to decide what I needed to do, but it does involve talking to Luke. I will probably talk to him when we get to the beach. 

I walked downstairs to see the guys already start loading things into the car. When Matt saw me he walked to me and gave me a hug and said "is everything okay?" 

"yep" I said and gave him a kiss on the lips. 

"So what do we still need?" I said asking the boys.

"Well we got food, towels, swimsuits, blankets, drinks, and surfboards. What else do we need?" Ashton said.

"I think we are good." I said. We got into two separate cars. I went with Ashton, Luke, Calum, and Michael and Matt went by himself because he went to go pick up some of our other friends. In the car Ashton was driving, Luke sat in the passenger seat and I sat int he back between Michael and Calum. We were all just quietly listening to music, when my phone rang. 


"Hey!" I heard about nine people scream. 

"Hey guys!" I said happy. 

"So, Sara guess what!?" My friend Alyssa said.

"What!?" I asked her. 

"Cameron finally asked me out!" She screamed

"OMG!" I said like a really annoying girl. I looked over to the boys and all I see was then laughing. 

"Hold on a sec Alyssa!" I said to her "Do you boys mind, I am trying to have a conversation here." 

"Sara, Matt wants to talk to you see you soon." Alyssa said 

"Hey beautiful." He said  

"Hey." I said 

"You doing okay." He asked me. 

"I'm fine and how are you?" I asked 

"Well beside Max's horrible taste in music I'm awesome." He said.

"See you soon." I said giggling a little and hanging the phone up! I looked up at the boys and they were all laughing at me.

"What!" I said 

"You sounded like one of those snotty, rich, beverly hills girls" Calum said laughing.

"And do you problem with that?"I said emphasizing on the p.  

"Were here!" Ashton said. We all got out of the car and a couple minutes later Matt pulled up with Cameron, Taylor, Max, Alex, Alyssa, Abby, Ashley, and Abby.  I ran to my girls and gave them a hug then went to Matt and gave him a kiss. Then we introduced everyone to the boys. 

"Wait, Alyssa I can't believe you were gossiping about Cameron in front of him." I said laughing. 

"He doesn't care." She said. We got everything set up on the beach and by then it was lunch so we each took out our sandwiches that we got and ate them. I decided that I should talk to Luke. He was sitting on the blanket so I walked over to him sat down and said "hey." 


Luke's POV

I was sitting on the blanket when Sara sat down next to me and just simply said "hey". 

"Hi" Is all I said back. 

"Do you wanna go for a walk?" She asked me. 

"Okay." Is all I said. We got up and walked down towards the ocean in complete silence. We then sat down. 

"Look Sara, I am so sorry! I didn't even realize any of it. I am so sorry for what I did. I don't expect you to forgive me, I just want to protect you and make sure that your always happy. Sara I still have feelings for you." I said all that coming from the heart. Then her face turned all red like she was scared or something, she started running away crying and I ran after her. She ran right to Matt, who was hanging with his friends, she hid behind them and pointed to a group of guys then to one singular guy in the group. Alex, Max, Taylor and Cameron started walking over to them while Matt and Sara started running towards the car. Alyssa, Abby, Ashley, and Dana looked like they knew what was going on and they just stood there in panic, but Ashton, Calum, Michael, and I were so confused! 

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