You Again

Sara and Luke have been best friends forever, but when Luke's band gets discovered by the biggest boy band in the world it will tear there friendship apart! When Luke and his bandmates are taking a break from touring for a year they decide to go home to Australia where Sara will be living her life without Luke. But does she have feelings Luke? Does Luke have feelings for her?


5. Chapter 4

Luke's POV 

"Okay so what am I supposed to do?" I asked the boys as we were pulling into the drive way.    

"Talk to her!" Ashton said. 

"I know that, but like what do I say?" I said responding to what Ashton said.

"Apologize for everything and maybe take her out." Calum said. We walked into our house and I walked to my room and thought of what I was going to say to her. A little later on Ashton knocked on my door. 

"Come in" I said 

"Hey, Ms.D just called saying that she is going out of town tomorrow and that she wanted us to stop by and spend some time with Sara and I was thinking that is when you could talk to her." he said. 

"Yeah, that sounds great." I said. 

Sara's POV 

"Thank you." I said to the cashier and she handed Matt his change and me the ice cream. 

"So, my mom is going out of town tomorrow and I don't want to stay by myself. So, do you want to come over?" I asked Matt. 

"Of course I do." He said and gave me a peck on the lips. We sat down at a table and shared the ice cream cup. 

"How do you feel about Luke being back?" Matt asked me. Matt knows everything about me and Luke. I mean he is not only my boyfriend but he is my best friend. We tell each other everything. 

"I mean its hard but I have you to take care of me." I said and he reached across the table and grabbed my hand. 


                                               *********NEXT DAY*********

"Bye Mom I love you." I said hugging my mom.  

"Okay bye sweetie, love you to, have fun this weekend." She said and then walked out the door. As I was closing the door, Matt walked up the driveway. 

"Hey Beautiful!" He said stopping the door with his foot before I closed it.

"Hey." I said opening the door for him to come in. He gave me a quick kiss then I closed the door behind us. 

"So what do you wanna do?" I asked him sitting down on the couch.

"What do you think?" He said sitting next to me on the couch!   

"Netflix Marathon!" I said. Matt and I have a tradition that we do once a month where we do a marathon of a show on Netflix and just cuddle up on the couch and eat junk food. 

"I'll order the pizza!" He said. 

"I'll make the popcorn!" I said.  We both got up from the couch to do our specific things to get ready for the marathon. After the popcorn was done popping I brought it back to the den and Matt had already picked out a show.

"So, I guess were watching How I Met Your Mother?" I said sitting down next to him.  

"Yes we are!" He said and giving a quick kiss and pressing play!


We literally cuddled on the couch all day watching this show and we are only just finishing half of the second season. 

"I'm getting tired." I said

"Are you ready to go to bed?" Matt asked. 

"Yes." I said getting up from the couch. 

"Okay, I will meet you upstairs in a second. I will just clean this all up." He said. I then started walking upstairs when I realized how much Matt cared about me. I mean he is such a great listener, he drives me literally everywhere since I don't have a car, and he is willing to give up his own weekend to stay with me.  I mean how many people would do that? Thats when Luke came into my mind. He always did everything for me and gave up his free time to spend it with me. But, what was I thinking? I' am very happy with Matt and I will never be able to forgive Luke. 

By now I was in my room changing into my pajamas, which was basically one of Matt's shirt. I climbed into bed thinking about is Matt really the one? I have always believed that I would end up with Luke. I didn't even realize that Matt had gotten into the bed beside me. I snapped out of my trance when he kissed my forehead and whispered goodnight. I then leaned into him and put my head on his bare chest and fell asleep. 


I woke up hearing the sound of someone knocking on the door. I opened my eyes slowly and before I could even get up Matt said "I got it." 

He ran downstairs in nothing but his boxers and a few seconds later he yelled from downstairs "Sara come down stairs and put on some clothes!" 


Luke's POV

"Okay so I have everything planned out of what I am going to say to Sara." I said as we were in the car on the way over to her place now. 

"Its gonna be tricky though, getting her to listen. From that conversation I had with her yesterday I could already tell that her personality changed a lot." Michael said getting me even more nervous then I already was. 

"So you remember how her room use to be pink with everything put in its place very neat and how she use to dress and how much makeup she wore?" Michael asked me

"Yeah." I said                

"Well now her room is like a dark blue and all her clothes are everywhere and I don't think I saw one thing that was from her old wardrobe. Also she has a whole counter full of makeup pallets. Her closet door was open and half the close in there were boys clothes. So, I think she spends a lot of time with that Matt dude." After Michael told me that I was full on nervous. Just hearing that she has a boyfriend makes me feel so sad. I know that she has moved on from me when I haven't from her. 

"Okay were here! Good luck getting her back." Ashton said. We all walked to the front door and Calum knocked on the door. A few seconds later Matt opened the door in just his boxers. That got me very suspicious about what they did last night.

"UM... Hey guys! Come in" Matt said very awkwardly. We walked in and sat down on the couch. As we were walking in Matt yelled "Sara come down stairs and put on some clothes!" Yep now I definitely know what they did last night. Matt then ran quickly upstairs I guess to get dressed to. As they were both upstairs hopefully getting dressed Calum said "Is any one thinking the same thing right now?"  

"Yep!" Ashton, Michael, and I both said. Then Sara and Matt came down stairs holding hands, while a piece of me died inside. Matt was now fully dressed in jeans and a plan blue t-shirt and Sara was wearing jean short-shorts with an oversized sweater that was probably Matts. Her hair was done in a messy bun and she was wearing light make-up. There's the Sara that I know. 

"Hey what are you guys doing here?" She asked hugging all the boys except me. Is she really that mad?

"Well your mom told us last night that you were staying home-alone this weekend so we thought that we could have a chance to catch-up." Ashton said. 

"Well, I am actually hanging with Matt this weekend but you guys are welcome to join us. We are actually going to the beach so you guys can come if you want." She said all nice sweet not even making eye-contcat with me once.  

"That sounds like fun!" Calum said. Great now I have to spend the day with Matt! 

"Okay let me just go finish getting ready, while you boys get to know each other." Sara said and then she walked upstairs leaving Matt down here with us.  

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