You Again

Sara and Luke have been best friends forever, but when Luke's band gets discovered by the biggest boy band in the world it will tear there friendship apart! When Luke and his bandmates are taking a break from touring for a year they decide to go home to Australia where Sara will be living her life without Luke. But does she have feelings Luke? Does Luke have feelings for her?


4. Chapter 3

 Sara's POV

"So, mom I am gonna go change then Matt and I have plans." I told my mom as I was helping her clean up the dishes in the kitchen.

"But sweetie we have guests." She said.

"I know mom and I have missed them all so much but please I can't stand to be with Luke any longer." I said on the verge of crying again. 

"I understand." She said "Go change and you can go out for a couple hours." 

"Thank you, thank you mom." I said giving her a kiss on the cheek and running upstairs to change. I wanted to wear something that will show the boys, mostly Luke, that them leaving didn't hold my life back. I looked through my closet and pulled out some dark jean booty shorts with a black cropped shirt that was see through. I then put on my black converse, put my blond hair up in a high pony-tail and put on my makeup. I got my phone and my wallet and walked downstairs.  

"Ready." I said heading down stairs towards Matt. "Bye Mom!" I screamed from the living room so she could hear me."

"Bye. Have fun! Remember that your curfew is 11:30." My mom yelled back. I walked towards Michael and gave him a hug and whispered in his ear "Thank you for everything, I'll call you later." 

Then I walked over to Ashton and Calum and gave them hugs and then I casually walked past Luke, grabbed Matt's hand and we walked out the door. 


Luke's POV  

I knew that Sara would of moved on from me. When she came downstairs from getting ready for her date she looked so different. The Sara I knew was so insecure about herself and never wanted to wear a lot of makeup. But that was 2 years ago Sara, apparently this Sara was mad at me for some reason. When she was saying goodbye to all of us she literally ignored me. I needed to know why she was so mad at me.  

Ms. D came back into the living room and grabbed more plates of the table. 

"Here let me help you." Ashton said getting up and grabbing more plates off the table. 

"Okay what the hell is going on with Sara?" I said pretty pissed to Michael and Calum. 

"Yeah! She seems pretty pissed at you." Calum said to me.  

"Come on Michael, she must of told you. You guys were talking for like an hour upstairs." I said wanting him to tell me.

"Come on Luke! You must know why." Michael answered making it sound so simple.

"Is it something I said tonight?" I asked. Michael shook his head no. I needed a way to make things right again Sara. I missed her so much when we were on tour. I knew that she called me a few times but I was so busy. I wanted to send her a ticket to our Australian shows but I never had a chance. Leaving Sara here was so hard. She was never really that popular at school and she didn't have very many friends. I thought that when I came back everything would be the same and we could pick up were we left we could just pick it back up again. I guess that won't happen. She looks happy Matt though, I just want her to be happy.  

"Can I offer you guys some dessert?" Ms. D said.   

"No thank. We should really start heading home." Calum answered. 

"Thank you for dinner though, it was really good." Ashton said. We all started saying goodbye to Ms. D. 

"Sara really missed you boys. Its good for that you guys are back." She said to us. 

When we were back in the car I said to Michael "Just tell me why Sara is so mad at me!"   

"She will get mad at me." Michael responded.  

"Please Michael, I really need to get Sara back." I said. 

"Fine." He said. He told me everything. I didn't even realize any of this. I really needed to make this right. 

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