You Again

Sara and Luke have been best friends forever, but when Luke's band gets discovered by the biggest boy band in the world it will tear there friendship apart! When Luke and his bandmates are taking a break from touring for a year they decide to go home to Australia where Sara will be living her life without Luke. But does she have feelings Luke? Does Luke have feelings for her?


2. Chapter 1

Sara's POV 

                                       ~~Present Day~~

"So, I will pick you up at 7?" My boyfriend Matt said to me as I was closing my locker.

"Yes you will." I said all romantically then gave him a quick kiss on the lips and then I took his hand and we went to go meet our friends. 

"Hey Sara!" I heard my friend Ashley say. 

"Hey!" I said letting go of Matt's hand to go see my friends Ashley, Dana, Alyssa, and Abby. Matt went to go see his group of friends Cameron, Taylor, Max, and Alex. We all then met up and said goodbyes and I walked home. 

"I'm Home!" I yelled so my mom would know.

"Hey Sara, I am in the kitchen!" My mom yelled back.I put my backpack down and took off my shoes and walked into the kitchen were my mom was. 

"Hey honey! How was your day?" she asked.

"Good!" I responded. She was cooking something. "So what are you making?" 

"Stew." She said,"Can you set the table please and put four extra plates, we are having guests." 

I went and got everything and started setting the table wondering who the guests are and then remembering I had dinner plans tonight. 

"Hey mom, I actually have dinner plans with Matt tonight!" I said to her. 

"Well your just gonna have to switch it! " 

"But Mom!" I said angry.

"Trust me your going to want to see these guests." she said.

"Can I at least go get ice cream with him or something after?" I asked 

"of course" she said. I got my phone out and called Matt.

"Hey its Matt!" He said 

"Matt, its Sara." 

"Hey babe" 

"Matt, so my mom said that I have to be home for dinner but how about we do something after, say 9?" 

"Sure. See you then." He said then we hung up and I went up to my room and did some homework. 

"Sara start getting ready our guests will be here soon!" My mom yelled from downstairs. I wasn't sure who the guests were so I put on a black skater skirt and a dark red cropped top with some black converse. Then I went into the bathroom straightened my hair and did my makeup. Then I heard the doorbell ring.     

"Sara come down stairs, there here!" My yelled. As I was walking down the stairs my mom was opening the door and there he was standing with his great big smile on his face that made him look so innocent. 

"Luke." I said mad but quietly.

"Sara!" He said very happily. It's like he just forgot what he did to me. I felt tears start to run down my cheeks. I just ran upstairs to my room, locked the door and just cried! Cried remembering all the things he did to me, that I will never forgive him for. 


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